Time to consider socialism with the failure of capitalism greed

Good post.

Thank you.

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Yes…the broken policies of Democrats have ruined some major cities…good point.

Not true.

Nope, sorry.

For sure. Poor people are lazy and don’t work hard. Amirite

No. Lazy people who don’t want to work hard are “poor”.


That doesn’t make poor people lazy or not hard workers. But do carry on

Never said it did. It does make lazy people poor. Which one do you think there are more of?

Yup, between parking, monthly NJT train pass and the subway from NYP to my office it adds up to over $500.

But I am willing to bet that a lot of gen xers eat and that they would be crying about the price of food if the government wouldn’t have fixed it years ago to keep farmers barely making any money so they could keep food prices cheap.
I in fact would still be farming if the government had kept their noses out of farming and let demand set the quantity and price.

Some are, absolutely, but from my experience most I know have made poor choices.

Just like for the boomers there is still a GI bill.
And just like than you have to actually serve to participate.

And its wealth distribution.

Sorry veterans earned it.

No argument there but that needs to start in HS. We have so devalued blue collar workers in this country for the last thirty years we’ve just about done away with vocational training completely.

The end result is kids for the most part have only three directions upon graduation, college, low wage jobs in retail, or welfare.

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It does however make the lazy and ignorant poor.

Completely true, many of those poor choices relate directly to being lazy, ignorant, and simply feeling entitled.

No, it’s something you earn.

He doesn’t understand the difference.