Time to consider socialism with the failure of capitalism greed

You don’t know that. Here’s an idea, just immigrate to one of those countries.


It’s not their job to “lift” anybody out of anything.

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And yet people do.

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You are entitled to it. It’s accurate.

Who asked them to?

you’re not
the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment

This can’t be real.

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All the data says that

Hard to say but there probably are a lot of well indoctrinated college kids with similar beliefs.

They have been taught that they are entitled and Sanders is playing to that.

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Oh, too good for a room mate are we? We should just throw out capitalism then. Makes sense. You should talk to my daughters, oldest in med school, which by the way, isn’t going to cost much more than what you paid for a degree. Youngest is last year of college. Both of them make less than you do and manage to live just fine. Your main problem seems to be rent. Maybe you should focus on changing that instead of the entire economic system of our nation, to solve the problem you created for yourself.


Sometimes you need to be where the jobs are.

The cost of living in NJ is probably as high or higher than most of CA, except we have cheaper gas.

Did you you do any sort of cost benefit analysis for the job prospects of such a degree path compared to how much you were going to spend on such a degree?

BAM…hammer…meet nail.

I’ve not detected ANY planning what so ever. I’ve asked about this same thing to the OP but have not had a response. This confirms…NONE, nada, zilcho, zero…just whining when the lack of planning, is creating additional financial hardships.

I guess so. That’s a point.

So our poster comes from a wealthy family and was in the 40% stuck paying for the rest.

Then her answer is more of the policy that did not favor her poor education choices.


Don’t know about that, plugged two random cities, one in NJ the other in CA into a COL calculator and it says California is almost 18% more expensive.

Yes it is.

Here’s the thing about liberals regarding education. Out of one side of their mouth they preach how the extent of course work in the liberal arts aspect of higher education is designed to make us more well rounded people and should not caught up in the cost. But then afterwards complain how many with such degrees can’t get good paying jobs.

This is essentially the message of liberalism, to blame others for the poor choices that you have made in life.