Time to consider socialism with the failure of capitalism greed

I am a young lady who recently graduated from college and I must say I don’t understand why people don’t like Sanders, unless they are wealthy. If one looks around at the economy and how nothing is stays stable while the price of everything skyrocket and wages are stagnate why wouldn’t you be in favor of bigger government to stabilize things instead of having wild market swings, over priced college, healthcare that breaks a person up and housing that is beyond unaffordable. I just recently landed a job and I will never be able to buy even a small apartment as the prices have went up near 300% in the area since I started college.

I will never be able to afford it and there is no career in my field that’s not located in what is pretty much what people call a blue city. We need affordable housing, free healthcare, free college which I have around $100,000 in college debt to payback at making $35,000 a year with my human development & family studies degree. I will never be able to pay this debt, rent, and bills much less be able to eat. Free college is the only way young people like me can have a future and older people who had a way easier time getting ahead when the price of living was ridiculous cheap should pay for our college in student loan forgiveness since college was 100 times cheaper when you all went to school. Healthcare was cheaper according to my father he paid $100 a month and my job just pays a fraction of my healthcare and I have to pay the rest at $350 a month even though I am just 26 years old. Rent is $1500 a month for what is a one bedroom apartment that doesn’t even have it’s own kitchen or shower. We have a toilet and sink but not shower and I have to share the shower with 15 other residents. All I have is 340 square feet that includes a microwave and refrigerator.

It’s to much for the younger generation, capitalism is a massive failure that young people unless they become a doctor have no chance to make it in, and even then they have to pay back and insane amount of debt. We need help from the older generation, we need taxes massively raised on everyone making over $50,000 to make things easier or at least attainable for my generation. I like what Sanders is saying he wants us to have a chance and I have studied socialism and it is way better than capitalism if one just gives it a chance. I would argue communism would probably be better than the craziness we have in the country called the U.S. which really isn’t our lands to begin with :angry:

It’s time to vote with compassion we need a chance to have a future. We need a socialist to put the rich in their place and give the little guy and younger generation at least a chance. A person shouldn’t have to eat Campbell’s chicken noodle soup and Ramen noodles to get by much less the dream of owning an apartment much less and automobile. I have to take the bus to work and it takes close to two hours each way. This can’t go in it’s time for the rich to give back, it’s time to bring down this system that only awards the rich or those who came from and easier time when things weren’t so expensive, it’s time for Sanders instead of a crazy billionaire who just spends all his money on hotels and golfs while we try to make it just to starve.

Are there any republicans out there that has the compassion to see how this has failed. Even my father and mother have said it’s way to much and have offered me to live with them but there isn’t any opportunity in my field where they live. Try to search your heart and remember we are people to please this has to change and trust me literally 90% of college students agree with me and will be voting in mass join us let’s put this country to the path other civilized countries do that help with massive social programs and free college. At least with my college debt forgiven it at least give me a solid chance to have a small tiny portion of what once was the American dream.

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If one of your professors had socialized his classes grades… how do you think everyone would have scored if everyone only got the average grade?

It should never have cost you $100,000 in loans to get you a degree in Human Development and Family Studies. State universities could have gotten you that degree for around $30,000.

It’s not a worthless degree. But with $100,000 in student loans, yeah it’s pretty much worthless. Young people need to think this through. It’s not for other people to cover for your mistakes.


It cost my wife $40000 (in student loans) for an associate’s in bakery at community college and that job started around $11/hr when she graduated. Tuitions are ridiculous. That’s all there is to it.

What I don’t get is why students are still getting raked over the coals for interest on these guaranteed loans. There’s literally no risk for the banks. If a student defaults, not only does the bank get their money, but the Federal government goes after the defaulter (on the taxpayers’ dime). Makes perfect sense.

I am hard pressed to understand $40,000 in loans for a CC degree. I know the costs of tuition at CCs. Did she take that much out in loans? Obviously. They will give anyone loans for way more than tuition.

Post the school where a 2 year CC degree costs $40,000 in tuition.



Just tuition and fees for 9 months is close to 10k according to this for a full time student. She was going full time and that costs a lot more than going part time. I haven’t looked at mine lately, but I’m pretty sure it was around $2k last quarter and I’m only going part time.

That was a page not found.
I don’t know what state you are in.
CC tuition is not that much here

My daughter is in college at a state university. Four year university. The yearly tuition/fees are about $7700. For a bachelor’s degree.


Society doesn’t owe you one damn thing. Stop demanding that it does.


It was a link to a pdf file anyway.

We live in Washington.

You made piss poor life choices, bail yourself out.


Uh huh. Guess you’ll stop collecting that social security, calling the police, or using that infrastructure that society paid for since they don’t owe you anything and all.

College bound students need to take a remedial refresher math class prior to college. Only about an hour is needed.

That lame talking point went up in flames the first 10,000 times you guys tried it and it hasn’t gotten any better since.


Tuition at Clark College is about $4500 per year.
Your wife should not have been taking all those loans that we’re being dangled in front of her.

That’s tuition. You know there are other costs too, right?

Oh so society owe those that demand everything but offers nothing? That’s problem with today’s spoils brats.

Her decision to go to college was hers. Her field/line of work is hers not mine.

As for road, I drive large pickup, Box truck and jeep…all registered, and my truck sucks down gas. I paid for my ■■■■■■■ road. As for SS…people paid into it.

So cry to someone else because someone decides to pay for schooling to become a baker.

In case you don’t realizes it…Bakers out there will train you.


It was a strawman that burned long ago.

People paid into it? Really? No kidding. You mean they were taxed? Thanks Captain Obvious.