Time names Public servant who spoken out agasint Trump as "Guardians of the Year"

Time has named the Public servant who has sworn under oath agasint the President and possible corruption as Guardians of the Year. well the President and his support views this people as Traitors.

The nonpartisan career officials who blew the whistle on President Donald Trump and testified against him are Time magazine’s 2019 “Guardians of the Year.”

For more than two months, the magazine said, the president “attacked the public servants as ‘traitors’ and ‘human scum.’” And in September, at the US Mission to the United Nations, he “suggested the proper response to the whistle-blower’s complaint was the punishment historically reserved for ‘spies’ and for ‘treason’: the death penalty.”

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The nonpartisan career officials who blew the whistle on President Donald Trump and testified against him are Time magazine’s 2019 “Guardians of the Year.”


Party over country.

Are you referring to the media circus that is the Democrat impeachment proceedings?

Hard to tell what you’re taking about.

It’s an eye of the beholder moment. Finding the notion of someone being nonpartisan funny would imply one is deeply entrenched in “party before country”.

So you.

Were not talking about those people who believed every negative piece of gossip they heard, whether it came from inside Sondland’s head or somewhere else out of the air, and spread it amongst each other like the proverbial fishwives, are we? You know, the ones that were furious that they were out of the loop.

Oh, well if times says so it must be true.

And whom did they name as person of the year, then? Some great scientist who developed a cure for cancer?

we all know Trump is going to cure Cancer, he promised to do it.

Hey, whatever liberal fairy tales help you sleep at night dude.

That made sense.

So Greta is the person of the year and these gossips are guardian of the year, according to the magazine formerly known as Time.

Maybe Fox can make up an award and give it to Trump to make himself feel special.


OT champ. Focus

I expect that within a few months these accomplished career professionals will be described as “those drug addicts that were all tripping on acid”.

“gossips” lends way too much credibility to stand.

Sondland was definitely out to get Trump. The million dollar campaign donation was obviously just a ruse to gain Trump’s trust and support

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These were the same people calling Obama the Democrat’s “messiah”… now look at these same people worshiping a draft dodging, cheating New York real-estate mogul that was born into wealth.

Again, as with the FISA report, you aren’t keeping up. Tell me where Sondland heard from Trump that the funds were being held up as a quid pro quo for an investigation, or an announcement of an investigation. Lets see the quote.
And yet Taylor got his story from Sondland.

You do know that saying the words quid pro quo is not actually required for their to be one right? Please dont tell me thats the angle you’re going with. That Trump never said the words quid pro quo

Why not? Horowitz spent his time looking through documents for somebody to write down “we did this because of our political bias against Trump” in order to determine the existence of bias.

wow! you’re serious.

Emoticons. They prove your genius.
One way or the other.