Time for Whittaker to recuse himself

This is clear obstruction of justice. I can’t wait till next year, it’s time for #trumpresign

What’s the difference between this and Lynch meeting Bill Clinton on the tarmac?

  • Bill wasn’t under investigation

  • Trump is

  • Bill wasn’t president

  • Trump is

Another example of how ugly this president is- thinking he can bully the AG from an independent DOJ- into defending and protecting him from criminal investigations.

It’s really disgusting how a tarmac meeting is awful and needs to be fully investigated but trump literally telling Comey to let an investigation go when he got him alone in a room and constantly yelling at his AG, whining on Twitter, accusing people of crimes on Twitter…well that’s just trump being trump. He’s an outsider!





Exactly what did Trump say that obstructed anything?

Trump IS in charge of the executive branch and Whitaker works for and reports to Trump. It is not unusual for and employer to tell an employee what he wants done.

No it is extremely weird for an acting president to direct an AG to scuttle investigations into the president himself. Obstructiony.

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I fully believe that Whittaker will do the honorable thing and recuse himself.

It is unusual for a public employee to influence an investigation into himself.

It’s bat ■■■■ crazy for a president to lash out at his unqualified crony about being labeled in an indictment.

Yep…it’s Frieday. :sunglasses:

Whitaker was selling “big ■■■■ toliets” less than a year ago and now look at him, using bureaucratic maneuvering to avoid having to recuse himself by never technically asking if he has to recuse himself.

He’s got chops.


Nixon actually did just that and, when the AGs refused he fired them and got others that would comply. That action was not included in the articles of impeachment because he had the Constitutional authority to do just that.

Though the only reference in the OP is hardly clear as to exactly what Trump told Whitaker.

If you’re saying that technically it might not rise to the level of “high crimes” needed for conviction on impeachment…maybe. But there is a pattern of conduct that is egregious and obviously about obstruction of justice. The pattern should be part of impeachment hearings when they come.

You said it.

Uh huh. But tell us, why did the AGs refuse?

Everyone keeps saying Trump has the authority. Yeah, he does, it’s still obstruction.

Lets say I commit a crime. You start investigating me, as your boss, I fire you to try and stop the investigation. Obstruction, yes or no?

They refused because they thought the investigation of Nixon was valid and it was against their principles and beliefs to stay there and do something they thought was wrong. Pretty much like Mattis is doing now. You either cave and do what the boss says when you think it is wrong or you stand up for what you believe and quit.

Lets say you don’t commit a crime and your employee starts investigating you, based on decisions by the boss you replaced?
And remember, when Trump fired Comey, Comey had told Trump that he himself was not the subject of investigation by the FBI.

It may be time for Whittaker to recuse himself. The Problem is that Whittaker doesn’t believe so. And he has the only vote. Sorry about your luck. :persevere:

And Trump won’t resign until after Mueller is finished. That probably won’t be before 2030, So again. Sorry about your luck. :confounded:

Every AG must recuse himself until one is found who is out to get Trump at all costs.