Time for sacrifice

Apparently it is hard… to admit that official Trump campaign gear is made in the USA.

what did the post i responded to say?
“libs sure as hell loves China cheap products”
Do you think any actual liberals buys any official or unofficial (or as the first picture example unknown as it was only during inauguration) trump campaign merchandise?

There is nothing he can’t blatantly lie to you about and you won’t praise him for deceiving you.


Remember, they don’t care. LOL Libzes!!!

Apparently Ivanka’s crappy clothes are made with Chinese labor.

How will poor Ivanka peddle her crap?

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Who thought that the President’s business interests might complicate policy?

Keep em thirsty. Lick the sand.

Sacrifices all around

Tired of winning

Geez, don’t you ever get tired of being wrong all the time?

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Do you remember when Trump took his first Europe trip and was totally ignorant of the fact that the various nations in the EU don’t negotiate individual trade deals?

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Donald Trump’s enemy number one, the truth.

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It must have been photoshopped.

Yep meaning the only place to grow money is market investments or other type of investments, saving accounts worthless. It’s when the gold bugs come out.

Again there are only two brands of Televisions made in the US. And one is specialty mirror TVs.

But cons don’t buy Chinese made crap… remember? Must only be libs buying $400 60in Huwai TVs lol

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There’s this guy who had a book written about him. I think it was called “Art of the Deal”. We should look him up.

I think the art kind of turned into graffiti and vandalism …


Good one! Lol.

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He’s a Trumpster. Being wrong is at their core.