Time for accountability for the Failures of leadership this week and it's beginning

And if a quarter of them heard about a fight?

If they had been prepared, they would have tried to stop them. What would have happened?

If they had been prepared, and the line hadn’t broken, no one would have breached the building.

I’ve seen much smaller riots with a whole lot more cops.


I’m seeing four members of the board that overseas it all, three of which have resigned so far.

Are they going to flush the whole bunch?

Does this board oversee day to day operations as in a chain of command? Who is at the top of that chain?

What would have happened?

Possibly but outnumbered by as much as 10:1 or maybe even 100:1 they would have eventually been pushed back to the building if the mob were determined.

At some point they’d have been forced to fire on the crowd if nothing else worked in order to prevent them from penetrating the building.

Is that the standard we want to establish for the future?

Yes. The three that have resigned are the Chief, and the Sergeants-at-Arms.

The fourth is the Architect of the Capitol, who is essentially (in corporate lingo), in charge of the physical plant.

My guess they would have to resort to other means.

Then “some” will come back with tools of trade at a later date.

Congress is at the top of the chain.

The Senate Sergeant-at-Arms has responsibility for one half of the building (and the offices), and the House Sergeant-at-Arms the other.

The Capitol Police are the forward-facing force.

I’m starting to think Some of them wanted people building to get stormed…look how they treated the police.

And part of the team responsible for overseeing security.

If the police had tried to stop them, would Loony Leroy have gone to his car for his Mason jars?

Well that right there is a problem. They need a unified command since it’s a single building.

I seriously doubt that. It appears they just believed, “That can’t happen in America” even though this isn’t the first time the Capitol has been breached.

Probably…and so would every other Billy and Bob as well.

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I’ll be sure to forward your suggestions to Congressional leadership.

If you think about it, you’ll understand the division in authority between the Houses.

It’s the same reason why the Capitol Police are the only federal law enforcement agency that isn’t part of the Executive branch.

I’m not so sure…I seen one video they even hold the door for em. Then some people started walking around like tourist.

These aren’t smart people. They aren’t kids either. And they believe.

Twitter reporting plans are in teh works for another assault on the capitol on 1/17. Hope they get their act together before then.

FBI seems to be doing well rounding up people.