Thug Culture State of Mind

You lived there?

For black overall was 39.5. Next closes individual group was 28.4. Go to the link. I was incorrect about about suicide note.

The comparison was blacks and the country overall.

Sure, unless you take into account the size of the demographics and where they started.

It’s an increase.

Yes so why did you post the Stat for only 10-24 age group. The 35% included the 39.5 % increase for all blacks so it brought up the overall %… look it up link it is right in article.

It depends on how you define “lived.” I’ve spent months there at a time, on a number of occasions - but it’s never been my residence.

Good enough.

Oh look! Government failed again!

We need more gun laws!

Those in government and the media who actually want more gun laws need more victims to sell gun control.

Sure. Of course he probably violated every existing law already.

Which Democrat big wig said if the people were unarmed then the criminals wouldn’t want them too?

No idea. Idiots all run together after a while.

It may have been Pelosi or Feinstein.

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Perhaps they will add cultural appropriation to the list of his crimes.

That’s really dumb.

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That’s quite an accomplishment for only 13% of the population. :smirk:

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Hey, I didn’t invent the rules.

I think you might want to re-read those statistics.

Maybe you should just cut to the chase and tell me what you think I am missing.

This figure:

…is about the increase in gun deaths (by demographic), not the breakdown of gun deaths by demographic. This statement:

…doesn’t make sense.