Thug Culture State of Mind

That is an excellent point. But i am not arguing on behalf of my tribe but on behalf of me and please don’t assign a position to me and then argue against that position. I don’t participate in trans threads. For a reason. We don’t all think or look alike.

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That’s fair enough. There are plenty of progs that will try to take both positions simultaneously. You are excused… my misguided friend.

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No, I’d like to understand your thinking on the issue.

Thinking is irrelevant. Survival and protection of the good is instinct. Execute the monster.

His tribe also thinks it’s fine to execute kids who haven’t even been born yet, so there you go. :neutral_face:


Not sure which guy should get the thug award here…

"Man shoots date in Florida after learning he’s a man, not a woman: deputies"

Not true as a blanket statement. Wisdom may be lacking in many, but then again it’s lacking in many adults. Please watch one of those shows that should be titled “Why Women Live Longer Than Men”.

People shouldn’t assume their crazy is someone else’s crazy.

Due process doesn’t apply if your skin is the oppressor’s hue as well.


Tens of millions and counting so far.

Black Americans saw a disproportionate increase in firearm homicides, with the largest increase among Black males between the ages of 10-24, which saw an increase from 54.9 to 77.3 per 100,000 persons

The manifesto contains a Q and A, including the question, “Why did you target those people?” The answer: “They are an obvious, visible, and large group of replacers. From a culture with higher fertility rates and strong, robust traditions that seek to occupy my peoples lands and ethnically replace my own people. It would have eased me if I knew all the blacks I would be killing were criminals or future criminals, but then I realized all black people are replacers just by existing in White countries.”

The “great replacement theory” is now pretty mainstream on the right. It’s not surprising the belief would fuel white supremacists as well.

Doesn’t matter. This will be deflected to ANTIFA or BLM or gun laws that were too strict so the shoppers couldn’t protect themselves. Avoid the elephant in the room.

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Buffalo, NY. The home of the radical right.

It was for this radical right nut job.

It’s not fenced in you know.

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Pretty sure Buffalo, NY is exposed to all the same right wing talking points as the rest of the country.

I’m positive they have TVs there.

That’s not the only thing Buffalo much like Rochester is surrounded by deep dark red. The only reason why ny is any kind of blue is because of NYC and other metropolitan areas. But for ….

My wording was poor. Buffalo, NY, just like any place in America, is exposed to right wing talking points and what those talking points might bring. How “red” or “blue” a place is doesn’t act as a shield from from the ideologies of the opposite political spectrum. It may even make them a bigger target.