Throwing Religion into topics

I do not like that often people will throw religion into a post as an insult. especially where religion has not been brought up in the thread previously at all. If someone wants to start a thread about religious views and has questions or comments, I am OK with that.

If someone starts a post about government spending, and someone throws out “How Christian” of you, that should not be tolerated. Would it be OK for me to type out “How Gay of you” or “how Black of You”?

So a thread is started about Medicaid provided Sexual Reassignment Surgeries.

This is one of the replies:

No where else in the thread is any type of religion brought up.

Would it be appropriate to reply to @CanadianJudo “we should start a homosexual only insurance company we will make hundreds.”?

I would expect to be given a time out for that type of reply.

So why is it OK for someone to bash a faith that others hold dear?

Typically, when certain libs bring religion into the conversation, they are doing it knowing full-well that you (the specific poster being replied to) are a Christian. It’s bait.

You can identify them by the way they do nothing but bash anything to do with faith in the Religion category.


This is my point. The baiting should not be allowed…


Don’t mind me, just thinking out loud about the patterns. :wink:

I dont see it as baiting. If a poster sets themself up a god fearing christian and has made that quite clear in their post history then there is nothing wrong with pointing out any hypocrisy should it occur.

Same goes for any position or belief. someone holds, religious or not

In my opinion this forum is already way over moderated so the last thing we need is more rules; however I am not a mod and if they decide to take your advice I will as always follow the TOS of the site.


Well then you dont want baiting you’ll have about 30 posts a week left on this site to read.

Furthermore why would marketing insurance to a select group be baiting?

No one group are protected entities on this site, other than Sean and those outlined in the rules.

That being said, if there is a perceived violation, trolling/baiting, flag it, and mods will determine if it violates TOS.