Throw back Thursday

“Never in my life did I ever believe that our country would be taken over by people like the people who are running it this day,” said Seagal.

“I think that when we have a leadership that thinks the Constitution of the United States of America is a joke, when we have a president who has almost 1,000 executive orders now, when we have a Department of Justices that thinks that any kind of a judicial system that they make up as they are going along can get by with whatever they decide that they want to do

Look how the Republicans conducted presidential harrassment towards Obama. It seems very hypocritical when Trump has done much worse. Now they are all silent

And just to think… this is two years before he received Russian citizenship from Putin.

Looking back the trend is crystal clear.

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Steven Seagal doesn’t really strike me as a Republican.

You can be critical of presidents and not be part of the opposition party.

2008-2016 never happened.

Benghazi investigations never happened and Republicans were respectful to Obama


Umm. He is a republican.

He’s a weird Republican then.

Oh and another one

At a town hall in Texas, Rep. Blake Farenthold was confronted by a constituent with a dossier she said proved Obama’s birth certificate was fraudulent. Farenthold said it’s “a question that I get a lot: If everybody’s so unhappy with what the president’s done, why don’t you impeach him?” The congressman said there were probably enough votes in the House, but impeachment would die in the Senate.

In Muskogee, Oklahoma, the question was posed to Senator Tom Coburn, who said that while he called Obama a “personal friend,” he considered the administration to be lawless and incompetent, and “getting perilously close” to impeachability.

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Umm. Not really. :sweat_smile:

Oh my! Here’s another good Thursday Throwback from before Lindsey had his lobotomy and his castration.


No true Scotsman!

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Please don’t mess with Stevie! It’s clear he’s just out for justice. This Benghazi story is going to be hard to kill. He wants to show that no one is above the law. He knows that by pursuing this he’s on deadly ground. He’s just tired of this country being under siege of liberals.


Well if He keep it up he might end up getting Marked for death


Seriously- what happened to Graham? McCain died and he’s gone full blown Trumper and selling his soul.

He’s a weird anything.


I don’t know. I used to really like him, even if I didn’t mostly agree with him–he always made me think and I could understand his point of view. And he could be funny and charming. I honestly don’t know why he didn’t do better in the last Republican primaries.

Despite my philosophical differences, I likely would have voted for him over Hillary, he was a rational and sane actor who was always going to protect the country.

I feel like something nefarious is going on with him. Nothing else explains the current irrationality.

Everyone was on vacation !

Trump has the videos of Graham with . . .

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Accurate summary. Always someone I respected who seemed to have principles he stuck to. Too much of a war monger for me, but I could still respect him.

Apparently he’s fallen victim to Trumps ability to ruin all that he touches.

Or the Russians do.