Three Reasons NOT to vote for Elizabeth Warren for Pres

Reason Number 1:

Just two days before a campaign stop in Utah, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Massachusetts, promised if she’s elected president, she’ll restore the state’s Bears Ears and Grand Staircase Escalante national monuments.

Both the Bears Ears and Grand Statecase Escalante National Monuments as created by Dem Presidents included far more land than was needed under the law used to create them. Warren vows to lock the land back up, and I’m sure will create more Monuments that are unnecessary and unneeded.

In a post, Warren also pledged that “on my first day as president, I will sign an executive order that says no more drilling — a total moratorium on all new fossil fuel leases, including for drilling offshore and on public lands.”

This effects more than just the combustion engine that Dem’s despise so much. Think of all the prodects that oil is used in. From lubrication of the machines that are used in factories, to the making of plastics in cars (Plant based plastic is good for some things, but oil based is needed for others).

And now heres the real fun one:

No fees should be charged to enter taxpayer-funded national parks, “to ensure that visiting our nation’s treasures is within reach for every American family,” the senator said.

“There’s no better illustration of how backwards our public lands strategy is than the fact that today, we hand over drilling rights to fossil fuel companies for practically no money at all — and then turn around and charge families who make the minimum wage more than a day’s pay to access our parks,” she said.

Warren also addressed the billions of dollars in deferred maintenance at the nation’s national parks and shortfalls in funding public land management agencies, which have resulted in infrastructure issues including the closure of hiking trials.

I read this as more tax increases on everyone so some can visit national parks. Not sure how she will deal with overcrowding at the national parks. Here in Utah, some are so crowded even with the fee’s, they are starting a reservation system. You havn’t reserved the day you want to visit, you can’t get in.

Three big reason’s Warren shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the white house.

Not to mention wanting the wealth tax on people. Not just an income tax, cut outright confiscation of money from people.

I’ll vote for her if she’s running against Donald Trump.

I have no issue with fee for national park if that money is reserved to fund the national park system.

last year Canada nation wide has free access to all national park it was a huge success.

Congress passed a bill a few years ago (and Obama signed it) that National Parks could rise the entry fee price and the extra money would stay at that park and specifically be earmarked for trying to play catch up on maintenance and repair needed in the parks.

National park are one of the areas that funding get cut fast, but we need to protect those lovely places.

I can think of 10 reasons to not vote for Warren, but this isn’t one of them.

shes a raging idiot. ban drilling…

i would love to hear what her idiot voters would say as the economy falls to chaos because of that

Some Trump voters think he should close the southern border. I would love to hear what they would say as the economy falls to chaos because of that.

i know car parts and avacados

Why has Trump backed off closing the southern border? It’s an emergency, after all. Why not just close it like he said he was going to do?

What’s your opinion of a blanket ban on new oil/gas drilling on federal land? Natural gas is the heat source for millions of American’s in the west. Oil is used for a hell of a lot more things that just the combustion engine (and so far, no viable electric alternative to trains and trucks carring the nations goods)

i dunno. perhaps because it will have some impact on the economy.

I would need to know a lot more about her proposal and how it would impact our energy supply before making a judgment. I don’t agree with her on much, though, and I doubt this would be different.

Indeed. “Some” is an understatement but I guess you get the point.

This would not be “devastating” as some would have us believe, as it applies only to new drilling and not existing wells. For the record, I don’t agree with it on such a wide scale, but there are sensitive areas being developed that probably should not be.

We are already producing huge amounts of oil and natural gas from existing wells, I don’t think we’ even notice such a ban for several years or more.

what point? that there would be some impact on the economy? sure hard to deny. is it necessary? maybe. perhaps that’s why he backed off on that after some consideration, weighing the degree of the crisis against the benefits

ceasing all drilling on the other hand is sheer moonbat idiocy. not only is this a major source of energy, the product is used in so many aspects of materials. everything would reel from this. without there even being a crisis. all the while the rest of the world continues drilling, and benefitting from the increased prices

shes a full blown leftist idiot.

Not all drilling, all NEW drilling. Incalculable difference. Thousands of existing wells will continue to produce.

Wouldcyou have voted for her if not for these three things?

hell no

The point that politicians make dumb statements all the time without thinking through the repercussions. Maybe you don’t get it.

That’s not what she’s proposing.

You can see that Warren’s proposal is idiotic, but not Trump’s. I’m not surprised.