Three Names you're going to hear from

Where in the constitution does it say that?

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The two sides of the story.

The constitution does nothing of the sort. And congress will be told the results of the investigation when it is completed. There is no law that commands when and how investigations are done. There is precedent and certain Republicans loyal to Trump want information in advance. It’s almost like they know Trump is guilty and want to do anything to derail it. And Rosenstein is doing his job to protect the integrity of the investigation.

The CEC, some Republicans and Trump are doing their damn best to convince everyone that the “deep state” exists. I’m not buying it. And I find it distasteful that the integrity of our justice system is being trashed trying to protect a person who might very well be guilty of crimes. Film at eleven.


No, you’re the one that started a thread pretending that libs are going to do something in the future. Something you are having no problem doing right now. Zero integrity.

No son, it is not.

Integrity is something you can control. It is how you present yourself. No one can take that from you. Only you can damage your own integrity by the actions you choose to make.

By posting a hyper partisan opinion piece, and later agreeing it is a nice opinion piece, indicates you agree with what is being stated. And that is inconsistent with the majority of your posts that I have read. Again, we mostly disagree, but you generally live in the world of facts.

Posting that article and then appearing to support it, hurts your credibility.

Maybe the Republicans should try meeting Rosenstein in a hangar in Arizona if they want to know how it’s going.

The fact that you called a grown man who has been a adult for 4 decades…plus or minus son tells me about your integrity.

Which tells me you have no respect.

When you become a man, you’ll understand. Maybe.

Old people don’t deserve respect because they are old.

I don’t mind either. It’s just short for liberal. Whereas the abbreviation con has at least two other meanings - neither of them flattering.

Why are you upset that Guilds called SF “son”, but yet you didn’t seem to care that SF called Guilds “boy” first?

I mean, have some consistency.

I don’t recall Sneak lecturing anyone about integrity.

I give respect, when it is deserved.
Regarding the “son” comment, I was only giving back what he dished out.

I also guess you missed this part too.

Meanwhile didn’t @Guilds lectured us about tribalism?

Seems like to me you and he fall right into that category…don’t you think?

That is a pretty weak response.

Which is a good indication you got nothing, so you throw out an insult.

Have a good Day SF. No need to continue here. You’ve shown you capabilities, and they are not worth the time any longer.

Keep reading.

Step up SF… Be the man you claim to be.

You really do think you’re better then everyone else don’t you…and to think you were lecturing us about integrity.

A post of mine, stating my opinion is now a lecture?

You could man up, and try to discuss or dispute what I said. I am open to intelligent, fact based discussions. Bring it on.

Did you not lecture Sneaky about integrity…yes or no?

I certainly do not think I am better than everyone else, not even close.

i am confident in what I state, as I have facts to back me up. If challenging your ideals, feels like a lecture, maybe you should rethink your ideals.

See this is double standard from your classic lib.

If only they hod themselves to standards they want to hold conservatives maybe…just maybe political atmosphere around here will be better.

Oh and BTW…that’s the same double standard we see in our justice department and media.

So it’s not your fault libs…you been indoctrinated.