Three Names you're going to hear from

I’m just pointing out the hypocrisy that we will be expecting when they testify.

You don’t want the truth.

Uhh, Conan, that opinion piece is written by a political commentator who has a radio show and is a Chief Trumptato Cheerleader. So yes, she dropped a barf bag of the usual RW crazy.

This is all exactly what you all do with anyone who peeps anything against your Messiah. You’re just showing us you’re ready to do it again with these guys.

Replace “we” with “I” and you might have something.

so the op is ordering libs to treat these three guys the same way they have treated mueller and his team while claiming it is libs that tell people what to do…

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So you created a thread indicating that these guys will testify. Then declared that libs will immediately rush to discredit them. Thread ensues where people ask your motivation and question why you believe they will be discredited. You declare that you’re right and that libs in this thread have discredited them as you expected. Yet there’s not one post discrediting them. You shout LIBZZZZZZZZZ. And declare victory. Trumpist Logic 101.


Should anyone feel guilty about taking pleasure in the OP self-owning himself?


Show us on this Trump doll were the bad conservatives touched you.

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It was amazing.

Unless what you present here is just an act, I see you quite well.

Even though we disagree on much, you have shown to be intellectually curious, and a truth seeker on many occasions.
But for you to buy into bull ■■■■ news stories, and stand by them. That is just weak, and contradicts the face you have presented.

i am not attacking you personally, I am attacking your inconsistencies, and integrity.

Hence the comment, man up.

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Attacking a man’s integrity is attacking him personally, boy.

Now why don’t you go to that post of mine and quote my comments.

Conan has squandered his integrity long ago.

We aren’t discussing him, but no he hasn’t.


Yeah, he showed lots of integrity in this thread.

You both sound guilty of something

You are gathering talking points about someone else hypothetically gathering talking points in the future. You’re trying to get ahead of someone getting ahead of something. It’s weird.

We are making it about you because the only fact we have right now is that this is a weird thread and you are probably not ok.

You two shouldn’t be using words you know nothing of.

The Mueller investigation that nobody knows anything about except Rosenstein? Rosenstein knows, but he is not telling congress. The constitution guarantees that our elected representatives in congress have every right to know what the Mueller investigation is doing, but that remains hidden from them. Why??

In return for the power that we give law enforcement to arrest us; imprison us; have access to our private lives - - our emails and our phone conversations, they are under oath not to misuse that power. Our elected officials are allowed to check, but they have been denied that right to check.

The Mueller Investigation operates in secret. Rosenstein refers to Congress’ demands for transparency a mafia shakedown.

Are you calling this closed-mouthed man a messenger?