Three Names you're going to hear from

TV and radio entertainers.

Don’t forget Trump.

Trump gets it from radio and TV entertainers.

Do you feel better about yourself when you believe you’ve upset me?

What purpose does it serve, other than to show how immature and incapable of having an adult conversation?

Maybe you should try posting on 4chan, that seems more your speed than here.

Never heard of any of them, but the fact that this thread exists indicates some cons have a discredit campaign at the ready.

His Orange Goblin King has never lied to him.

Oh wait, what am I saying - his King hasn’t stopped lying since he descended from his golden escalator on high to take advantage of the rubes who genuinely believed he cared about anything beyond his own ego gratification. That kind of betrayal is bound to make anyone salty.

Why? Because that is what the Trumpkins do, they discredit anything that is even remotely negative towards Trump and co.

They do this because they believe that this what “libs” do so its only “fair”

They live in this strange tit for tat world where in their minds its patriots versus “libs” they are saving America. So yeah maybe Trump is dirty, but so what!

Former CIA Director John Brennan, left, and former National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers, rush to a meeting with the Senate Intelligence Committee in their probe of Moscow’s meddling in the 2016 campaign, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Nice opinion piece

That “article” is hilarious. It’s like one long nonsensical barf bag of every GOP media fever dream.

I thought so.

you would :+1:

Or not. You never know.

Whatever floats your boat :clap:

Why do you post such dribble?

Whatever cred you think you have, little chunks fall off when you post tripe like that.

Step up SF… Be the man you claim to be.

Of course you will say that…being a radicalize left-winger that you are.

For libs anything you don’t agree on is nonsensical barf bag.

This is why I can’t wait when they testify…watch you libs and media trash em.

Thanks for letting me know I’m on the right track.

This threat turned out pretty much what I predicted. There was only one sensible post from a forum lib here…only one.

Mark my words, anything negative you libs will be trashing em as disgruntled employee or they are political driven in their own hatred towards Hillary.

Too funny.

I’ll take one Sneak who I know got my back then 100 libs.

Step up? You can’t see me now. Ad hominem, that’s all you have. It’s all you ever have.