Three more dead from "medical emergencies" during Capitol protests

Things are smelling really fishy in reports from Capitol hill. Police have admitted to a total of four deaths of protestors at Capitol Hill so far.

Here is a list:

Ashli Babbit, 35-years-old, Huntington, Maryland shot dead by police as discussed in another thread.

Benjamin Phillips, 50-years-old, Ringtown, Pennsylvania: Police said he died as a result of an “apparent medical emergency.”

Kevin Greeson, 55-years-old, Athens, Alabama: “Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Contee says Greeson died from medical issues during the protest.”

Roseanne Boyland, 34-years-old, Kennesaw, Georgia. “died of a medical emergency, Contee said in a news conference.”

What kind of “medical emergencies”?

Are bullet wounds or poisoning from tear gas “medical emergencies”?

These reports are reminding me of an old song from the 1970s:

Meanwhile there is mounting evidence that Capitol police allowed protestors to enter the Capitol:

Has the government declared war on its own people?

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It could be that he can’t give out any details about the cause of death.
Many times that goes to the Coroner. And nothing will be released until a examination is done.
And in some jurisdictions the family has a say on wither or not any information is released.
I’m pretty sure that the press is following this and will release any information if it becomes available.

Did police really massacre unarmed civilians who they allowed into the Capitol?

The closest comparison was the shooting of four anti-war protestors at Kent State in the early 70’s.

This smells of a cover up.

I heard one of them was a guy who accidentally tazed himself, and had a heart attack.

another death. a capitol cop

One had a heart attack when a flash bang went off it was caught on film and one shot a taser, somehow teased himself and died lol. Third one I dunno.

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You mean a couple of the elite physical specimens of Meal Team Six might have had a coronary?!?


Only because you want it to.

Besides, I thought it was Antifa who stormed the capitol? Wouldn’t the gov’t declaring war on Antifa be a good thing?

Turns out that anybody up to any insurrection was Antifa, and anybody there peacefully protesting were Patriots.

And the Capitol Police only targeted the Patriots.

The people who believe this ■■■■ compose about 50% of the Republican Party.

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They’ll be going through some things.

He had a stroke

Damn. It wasn’t so bad though, except for being cop killers.

No its cool they have thin blue line bumper stickers.

Stop and frisk of anyone with trump memorabilia. There’s no sense in being PC.

why not like revist some of your hits instead of putting this pressure on yourself to create new stuff daily? That one about MI6 rigging the election the other day was pretty cool.

Darwin Award winner for sure.


Perhaps they were beaten to death by Trump Revolutionaries…like Police Officer Brian Sicknick was murdered.


but that was after he was beaten upside the head with a fire extinguisher to defend American law.