Three Judge panel of the DC Circuit rules for Trump regarding his blanket defiance of Congressional subpoenas, somehow I believe this will go to en banc reconsideration and further believe the en banc DC Circuit will take a contrary view

Oh there is appreciation.

When it happens with a Dem, they’ll pretend that only the Dems ever stonewalled like this.

He’ll…Sneaky pretty much nailed the playbook in his response in this thread.

Update. Not unexpected at all.

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All trump is doing is delaying something congress has the right to do

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As I indicated in the OP and OP Title, this is going en banc.

It will clearly be reversed by the en banc panel and the subpoena reinstated.

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I tend to agree. I was pretty shocked by the original decision. Which has me less than 100% confident now with en banc. Still a high 80% belief though. :smiley:


It will be reversed, you can take that home as a FACT. :smile:

Trump just happened to luck out with a favorable draw for the two original panels.

The en banc is NOT in his favor AND both of his appointed Judges, Katsas and Reo are recused. Even if they had not been recused, it still would have been 100% against Trump.


You know I trust your opinion here without question on issues of this magnitude. I’ll take it to the bank brother!! :wink:


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To, not about.

The hearing before the DC Circuit Court occured today.


And, as I explained in the OP, and as demonstrated by the questioning today, Trump clearly loses this en banc.

As an aside, as two Trump appointees are recused, the vote will likely be 7 to 2, rather than 7 to 4 as I posited in the OP.

You are right about the ruling being 7 to 2.