Three Judge panel of the DC Circuit rules for Trump regarding his blanket defiance of Congressional subpoenas, somehow I believe this will go to en banc reconsideration and further believe the en banc DC Circuit will take a contrary view

Damn it. Thanks for answering it though.

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The Executive Branch is the strongest branch of government, by far. And it is FAR too strong. Congress, the branch closest to the people, should be the strongest, but has frittered away power to the Executive.

The Judiciary is the weakest branch, by far. With a single piece of legislation, Congress could wipe out virtually the entire federal judiciary. They could wipe out the District Courts, the Courts of Appeals and the Trade Court in a single stroke and pass all the jurisdiction to the State courts. They could completely cut off the Supreme Court’s jurisdiction to hear appeals from the State Supreme Courts, essentially making the judiciary of each State the final arbitrator of Constitutional law in that State. The only thing Congress cannot cut off is the Supreme Court’s original jurisdiction.

And most of the decisions that come out of the Supreme Court are statutory interpretations, meaning that Congress can override them by updating or revising the statute.

And one final note about power.

Which guy has a military attache following him about that carries the nuclear codes that could result in World War III and the destruction of all human existence?

A. John Roberts
B. Donald Trump

Only one of those two men have the absolute power of life and death over every human being.

Now you go find out which one of those men have the “football” and try again as to which branch is more powerful.


There are lots of ways to measure power. A president can only hold power for a maximum of just under 10 years.

Someone on the supreme court can hold that position for four or five decades.

One can change the constitution, the other cannot.

The Executive has the power of the sword.

Congress has the power of the purse.

The Judiciary has only the power of judgement.

And only 2/3rd’s of both Houses of Congress and 38 States can change the Constitution.

The Judiciary can only interpret it.

And the vast majority of Supreme Court decisions are statutory interpretations, non Constitutional interpretations. And many of the challenges made to agency regulations or Presidential Executive Orders are raised under the Administrative Procedures Act, an act passed by Congress to ensure that Executive Branch actions could be challenged in court.

It is CONGRESS that enabled, long ago, the many lawsuits you see today. Without the Administrative Procedures Act, most Executive Branch actions could not be challenged.

Congress could repeal the Administrative Procedures Act.

The President and Congress are far more powerful than the Judiciary and it isn’t even close.

The fact that individuals in two of the branches are elected and in one branch are term limited are irrelevant. The branches themselves are continuous.

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Go for it…I want to watch idea get laughed at

This is what amuses me greatly that there appears to be no appreciation that what they countenance today from Trump may be repeated when there is a Democrat president.

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No, no, no.

On what basis does a Supreme Court justice have life tenure?

An executive order couldn’t over rule that? For example Trump couldn’t divert money from one budget to fund something else that he couldn’t get passed though congress?

That is utterly ridiculous. The judicial branch has assumed absolute power.

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Not override. Change to satisfy.

Ouch. Great post!

Not really. It’s full of hypotheticals we all know don’t have the remotest possibility of ever occurring.

And nuclear codes? Seriously? That’s a rookie argument.

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Agreed - excellent response!

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Such small thinking. It’s only power if you use it. When a district judge on the northern border can stop an action on the southern border, that’s power.

Wrong contest Sneaky. It has nothing to do with a northern border judge ruling on the southern border.

It has to do with diverting funds from Naval Submarine Base Bangor, which is in Washington State. As Fox news points out it is home to nuclear submarines that carry nuclear ballistic missiles. The ruling impacts funds being diverted from part of our national nuclear deterrence and has no impact on other funds which may still be used for Trumps “Mission Accomplished” wall.

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Which that judge doesn’t have the first clue about. My post stands.

You just made the situation worse, so thanks.

No it doesn’t. The Judge DOES have jurisdiction over in the State of Washington, completely opposite of what you tried to imply which was a Washington State Federal Judge was rulling on the Southern border wall. He didn’t. He ruled on the federal funds being diverted from a Federal base in his jurisdiction.

Such innuendo was a fail.


What innuendo?

We both know why he did it.

Predictably, this is moving forward.