Three illegal immigration lies

  1. We have an unlimited capacity to absorb Latin America’s poor. We can evacuate the entire third world and bring them here. 100,000 every month? No problem. Our capacity is limitless. Nope, sorry folks. This is not true. This invasion is unsustainable. We cannot do this forever without crashing. We do not have endless resources to give away to the rest of the world. Everything has a limit.

  2. There are thousands of businesses who are ready to pay uneducated and low skilled foreigners 15 dollars per hour to do God knows what. The dems think they can just wish this into existence. Just pass a law. And magic happens. Again, untrue and entirely invented. Most of these people will end up on public assistance.

  3. Compassion. The libs love to claim that they have a monopoly on compassion. They, and only they get to decide who is compassionate. And they have decided it’s them. They have also declared that conservatives want border security only because they hate “brown people.” Nothing more. Self righteous hogwash. Zero evidence to back it up. How many liberals are only interested in the additional votes they will get? How many just want our evil capitalist system to be overwhelmed and brought down?

And there you have it. A little straight talk. Any of the three that are not true?

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Do I think we have unlimited resources to support the entire third world? :joy:

I mean were do you even get your material? of course not

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What do you plan on doing with the 100,000 illegals arriving every month? If 100,000 is not too many, then what is?

Your democrat politicians are the ones who claim we have no limits to the numbers we can bring in. Not me. Your beef is with them.

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If your going to throw out random numbers and apply claims to a group, posts some links backing up those claims that is step 1.

Your questions honestly are laughable, then again they do provide a small amount of entertainment value hence why im here posting.

But now my watch has ended and im leaving the office for the day…

Has any democrat claimed that there is a limit to the numbers of unskilled poor that we can import?

103,492 in March

And according to the dems, the numbers could double or triple. There is no limit.

Even with help you dont learn…lol

March 2019. Like he said 100k a month. It will be higher in April if nothing changes. It’s the economy.

Wait, you think they’re catching half? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

This from the man who refuses to answer a simple question. What is the limit? How many uneducated third world types can we sustain?

Does it matter how they catch? They all get turned loose anyway.

Won’t all the children get the complete compliment of welfare benefits?

So you actually do believe that there are thousands of employers chomping at the bit to pay these low educated, low skilled people 15 bucks per hour to do who knows what? That’s your true belief?

This thread is a great representation of the conservative mind and their interpretation of “Dem” positions and proposals as told by the CEC…

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You put words in my mouth and then demand me to comment on them.

Not worth discussing.

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I have seen many complaints by Democrat politicians and their supporters about any method to stop illegals at the border or to return illegal aliens to their home country from the interior of this country.
This is not followed up with “the real best way to stop hordes of illegals at the border is to…”.

If the democrats go down in 2020 (Not saying they will) a big part of it will be lack of interest or discussion among the leaders of the party on illegal immigration and border security. I understand the issue doesn’t resonate with much of the base but in the end there is only around eight states that decide each election.

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