Threats, Bad Reviews, Fake Bookings For Old Saybrook Restaurant After Sarah

"When the phone rang, Deproto picked up, and a voice issued the day’s first threat to her and her business.

“They said, ‘You’re done, and we’re coming to get you,’ ” she recalled. “It was ominous. The rage — there was such rage."

Their Facebook pages and Instagram accounts were flooded with hate.

“Worried a caller might make good on a threat, Deproto contemplated not opening Saturday night. “After the content of those messages, I was scared,” she said. “It was so mean-spirited and angry. It shakes you up.”

Except this is the wrong restaurant. The name is similar though. Idiots.

This should help:

if this is true, you imagine the treatment the correct restaurants are getting? After witnessing lib glee of their disrespectful treatment of others, in fairness I’m confident they won’t condemn a capitalistic retaliation ?

This can’t be true. I’ve been assured time and time again that only filthy unAmerican libs threaten businesses that they don’t agree with. Though the fact that these threats were made to the wrong business does fit with the abysmally low IQ of your average Trumpist. Morons.


Yeah. I’ll need to see a copy of the OP and several lib board members’ phone bills before I’m convinced that it was republicans calling and making threats.

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Good. They made a statement, now we will make a statement.

And there it is, ladies and gentlemen. The first one in the pool with LIB PLANTZZZZZZEZZZ. No shock who broke the ice on that one.

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And there it is ladies and gentlemen. Another lib looking to increase racial tension for personal benefit.

Racial tension?

Personal benefit?

Where do you get this nonsense?

Lol - I posted a thread last night about this type of behavior on both sides. I had 3 responses - 2 of them were from Trump supporters going on and on about how “libs” were whining. They apparently forgot about this type of behavior from their side.

Oh, and the real irony is that I didn’t even mention Trump anywhere in my original post.

Cognitive dissonance at it’s finest.

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Refusing to serve Sarah was a political decision and not a business one. Entering your business into politics is beyond stupid and breaks an elementary business premise. Now they’ll reap what they’ve sewn and earn the dividends of their decision based on…feelings.



Executive time!

Probably need to check the email and phones of the neo-nazis and white supremacists too. They’re all in for your boy Trump.

I read their facebook page over the weekend. It’s disgusting.

You’re really into this “nazi” “racist” name calling thing and I mostly hear it from very immature adults with a low IQ. Don’t “evolve” into one of those.

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Not surprising though was it?

Where does ‘threatening a business owner you disagree with politically with violence’ fit in your world view?

I agree. This whole thing on both sides is disgusting but I understand very well the origin.

Just to the left of using the Centgov to run them out of business.