Thread post count

Typically in a thread at the right hand bottom there is a little post count tracker that let’s you skip around or show how many people have posted. Its gone…is that on your end or my end?

Also…outrage! Just to keep with the themes…

Are you on mobile?

I’ve seen it come and go when I’m posting on my phone.

I’m only on mobile…it used to be constant but now it’s just poof…gone…

Oh now it wants to show up…but if I go into another thread it dissapears…

2nd edit…its gone now.

You may be experiencing technical difficulty. The site was updated yesterday.

I’m in mobile, and the only problem I experienced was the post counter covering the reply button. But that was before the update, now everything works well. Try clearing your browser.

Ugh…requires effort

iPhone, hold button or push up and hold. Flip tiles up.

If that doesn’t do it you’ll need to clear history in settings.

Your first problem is assuming I own an iPhone…

Ew… think so little of me…

Second…I’ll look into it

Click on the scroll bar and it’ll pop up. Worry not. :slight_smile:

iPhones rule Droids drool.

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Yuppies and soccer moms use iphones…

I’m glad you have a droid. I remember my first smartphone too.

Ok that was a good one…I hope you got racing stripes on that van…

The data clear seemed to solve it


Damn now you’ll be posting again, won’t you?


Someone has to speak the truth out there…

Locking before I need my knee boots.

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GW . . .

With that sentiment . . . I recoment seeing a shrink as soon as possible.