THOUSANDS gather outside the Supreme Court, While Many other Business are still closed

I just seen some news footage’s of leftists gathering near the Supreme in the thousands without ANY Physical distancing.
I mean really democrats!? that seat is more important to fill to fill with radical agendas among other rather then reopening parts of the country and while so many business are still surfing because of the lockdowns in some democrat run states?


Kung Flu only shows up at GOP rallies and Lake of the Ozark parties.


Libs rules…rules for everyone but themselves.

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If they are not social distancing or wearing makss then they are part of the problem.

The coverage that I have seen shows almost everyone wearing masks. However they are all pretty close together, which is a problem.

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Believe it or not, the right doesn’t have a monopoly on being stupid and careless.


I’ll take the same position I have with Trump rallies. If you do that, it is on you. I won’t be there.

Now will the media comment equally on both?

Libs behaving badly.

I believe their threats are “mostly peaceful”

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These people and the rioters across the nation are immune to the virus.

Didn’t you know that??? :wink:

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Right? :laughing:

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Hopefully the government and the rest of the people still don’t give in to the demands of terrorists.


Sad but yes this will defiantly happen. Unfortunately politics is the new religion to some.

Case in point - if this would have been a conservative they would be banned immediately from twitter.


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We’re going to look back at today’s protest as a tranquil Saturday afternoon in about a month’s time, I’m afraid.

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They’re at the wrong place. The Senate confirms justices. :joy:

And nobody is afraid of their lame assed threats of violence. Bring it on. :muscle:


Am I a bad person for thinking, “Over our dead bodies”, answer, “if you insist”.?

It’s the same idiot that said about one of the boys during the Covington Catholic incident.

“Honest question. Have you ever seen a more punchable face than this kid’s?”

Different standards, now if he would have came out and said they are two sexes he might have been banned at least cancelled.

I wish I didn’t feel the same way, but here we are. Four months of violent chaos cheered on by Democratic politicians has eroded my patience.

It depends on the media you watch. Talk radio, and Fox cover left protestors not following social distancing. ABCMSNBCBS covers the right protests and rallies.

Don’t watch any of that garbage.

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Well then you wouldn’t know how the media covers things. I’m glad I could share what I see on the news with you.

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