Thoughts on the U.S. under Sanders 2020

I have long believed since the close democratic primary race in 2016 that Sanders will end up being the 2020 democratic nominee and could possibly beat President Trump. If these things do play out this way, how do you think the economy, stock market, and foreign policies will play out in the U.S. under a Sanders presidency? I know a lot of people has jumped on Trump for the national debt/deficit, do you feel Bernie will do more to reign in on government spending?

Bernie Sanders is always in the top three of every poll I have seen, and has a cult like following as well as strong ground game left over from 2016; and it seems Sanders is moving up to cement his front runner status.

  • Sen. Bernie Sanders, 36.14 percent.

  • Former Vice President Joe Biden, 14.88 percent.

  • Rep. Beto O’Rourke, 12.34 percent.

  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren, 7.89 percent.

  • Sen. Kamala Harris, 6.95 percent.

Bernie, or any democratic president in 2020- would be hampered by a senate that will never give him the threshold of 60 votes to pass much of anything legislatively.

But at least he wouldn’t behave like a total criminal imbecile.

Not happening, new DNC rules stipulate that you have to run as a Democrat. If you don’t, you’re a third party candidate.

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If Bernie wins I will be looking forward to all the people lambasting Trump for the recent stock market decline to defend the market rout that will ensue following a Sanders presidency.

Sanders wants to add a speculation tax as well increase the tax on dividends, he wants to increase taxes on everything to pay for free college and a 32 trillion dollar healthcare system. What money is left in the U.S. the rich will do everything they can to park there money for 4-8 years offshore.

I don’t think Bernie can beat Warren in the primaries, he will pass the torch to her imo.

Though it’s worth pointing out that that 32 trillion dollar figure is a saving of 2 trillion compared to current healthcare costs. That’s how bad your current healthcare system is.

Bernie and his team has missed that memo everything is pointing to him running.

Our current healthcare is a joke not defending it but I highly doubt Sanders will be passing any torch or anything to Warren. Why would he is the front runner or at the very least no 2. Warren never breaks out of single digits. Plus the states the primaries start out in he obliterates her in the polls, it’s not even close between the two.

I"m lost, not sure who you are responding to. The OP’s supposition has Sanders being the Democratic nominee. Maybe someone deleted a post?

I don’t see a front-runner yet. And there are going to be a lot of candidates, probably significantly more than the Republicans had in '16, and that was already crowded.

But I do think Warren has a significant amount of grass-roots support (more even than Bernie) and could convince him to endorse her.

Though if I learned anything from '16, nobody knows what the ■■■■ is going to happen :grin:. It’s waaaaay too early to take the polling seriously also.

Bernie is still not a member of the Democratic party.

If they’ve changed the rules for eligibility, he’d first have to change from Independent to Democratic.

Okay, thanks. I thought he was for some reason.

It will likely be a crowded field and you are correct nothing is 100%, but at the same time it isn’t nothing seeing these polls and there results even this far out, which is one of the reason so few democrats ran in 2016, the polls from the beginning always had her as the de facto nominee.

I agree with the Op I think it will be Bernie and if not he will be in the top two. Even with the DNC firmly against him in 2016 he was able to win 22 or 23 can’t remember states in the primaries.

I wouldn’t underestimate “The Bernie or Bust Crowd”, his name recognition, ground support, and following. He came close to beating Hillary and everyone knows who Bernie is, name recognition isn’t everything but it helps. I know the democrats don’t like to hear this but it will more likely be either Sanders or Biden.

I could see Sanders fist bumping the Queen.

And the source for this thread is the Washington Examiner – a weak conservative rag? There’s no basis that Sanders will get the nomination. I don’t think he has that much of a chance, myself. I give Biden a better shot.

Way too early to tell.

Sanders, Biden and O’rourke are doing ok in polls now…mostly due to name recognition.

Is Rolling Stones a better source? I have never heard them being accused of being a weak conservative rag.

Name recognition can play a big part of it. There are few exceptions to the rule (Obama) but it’s not a stretch to say that once Hillary put her name in the mix in 2016 very few people wanted to run against her for her name recognition.

It’s not stopping him from running, he can switch on a dime the NYT’s and many others think he is running and their not citing any rules saying he can’t.

Why is it way too early to project? They usually start announcing between April through June, it’s just a few months away. This is how is usually starts, the candidates make hints about a possible run, followed by campaigning in states usually early voting states like Iowa in which Biden, Sanders, and Harris have already started visiting. We might not be ready for it but unofficially the race for 2020 has already began.

And we have a pretty good idea who the top tier candidates will be

----- possibly Hillary will not rule that out until the voting starts.

Anything can happen but there’s also a real chance one of those two will win the race considering their popularity and polling.