Those who try to ruin Trump

Many times I have said that the universe does not treat kindly those who try to bring Trump down… at least for now. After he is finished doing the Lord’s work ( or moving the universe to its next natural state… if you don’t know what I mean by the other phrase) then he will just fall by the wayside like other world historical heros. But …for now, you just spittin in the wind Mr Mueller.

Trump is a punk.

Here you go.

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Many times I have said that the universe does treat kindly those who try to bring Trump down… at least for now

The person who will ruin Trump and bring him down is Trump himself, so I agree with you.


I guess we’ll have to see how this all pans out.

Never thought we’d go lower than Clinton in a President’s personal conduct. But here we are…

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Womp. Womp.

Mueller gonna get punked… maybe next.

Mueller is cool.

Donald continually steps in dog poo without help, and then Trumpists get frothy when people point out that he stinks. :rofl:


How many of Fat Donald’s lawyers will be taking their judgement award to jail with them?


Of course this is not the last word on this.

They could take this to appeals court.

The award could get overturned.

Hope springs eternal

Trump wouldn’t know the lord’s work if it was carved in stone with his name on it and presented to him by a talking burning bush.

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How much did Trump pay her?

That’s typical. Such individuals are following their own obsessions, trying to meet their own needs. But what they want is congruent with what the Lord wants.
I’m talking about the movement of history on earth.

So trump has to pay stormy a million dollars and her lawyer 300k…

But you are bragging that the winner in the deal?

So the Lord wanted Trump to cheat on his wife with a porn star…now it all makes sense!

You guys are comical! :rofl:

I don’t think so. I was referring to Trump as president. You are attempting to be dishonest by characterizing my statement in a way that clearly I did not mean. I clearly was referring to President Trump… not private citizen Trump.

So you give me 1.2 million…
And i give you 239k…

And you think you came out the winner…

It’s already been appealed. The entire case is already in line at the 9th circuit. This is the case that was dismissed back in October.

I think a more relevant detail is that the judge gave Trump less than half of what they requested in lawyer’s fees.

Pssst - don’t tell anyone, but it’s the same person