This would be libs ultimate utopia

To sign a every citizen a social credit score. The more you kiss the ass of goverment the higher your score which allows you to buy a home, send your kids to a private school…to fly even.

But if you don’t kiss libs (I mean Goverment) ass you can’t own property, or to be able to fly etc.

And then of course the surveillance system. Libs sure love their big brother don’t they?

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Nothing had changed I see

No. It’s not.

Interesting accusation.

BTW, what country do you hold up as the best model for conservatism? It can’t be America, cuz we know it isn’t great yet.

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Admit it libs. You guys think people should be graded on their social/political views. And depending on the grades will allow what privilege you’re allowed.

Just come on out and say it…and be done with it.

strawmen will be strawmen

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How long will it take for me to have to ignore conan on this forum as well?


This is interesting…how the scoring system is kept secret so it 's open to abuse…

Where have I read this before? Oh yeah now I know.

Ken Dewoskin has studied China’s economic and political culture for more than three decades. He says how the new scoring system truly works is kept secret and could be easily abused by the government.

But yet here you are.


Seems like the precursor to the 2nd instance of the Gulag Archipelago.


Sort of like our no fly list.

Conan, you hurt their feelings.

Somewhat yes, But politically motivated.

Not sure how our work thou…but again it’s kept secret.

But then you have those that think if you’re on no fly list then other freedoms should be infringed. :wink:

Yeah…those people are mostly far right conservatives.

Yes some. But then you have libs that want to violate other liberties if you’re on no fly list.

Do you deny that Jay?

Either way…what China is doing is libs ultimate utopia.

my goodness man…

How many points for saying white privilege exists?

Just like Nazi Germany or pre-Civil War South were conservative utopias?

See, it’s really not difficult to make inflammatory statements. Anyone can do it.


Do you honestly believe this or are you just trolling?

I do. Seriously.