This will please the Trump bots

■■■■ Israel and their demographic make up.

I hope this guy is right.

Just another Trump hissyfit, cuts 200 million in humanitarian aid.

The U.N. created this mess, let them fix it.

It’s always remarkable to observe the hate for a strong and sovereign Israel that Progressive Liberalism instills even in the hearts of Progressive Liberal Israeli and American Jews




You don’t know much about Israel or Jewish Americans do you?

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Just tell them we advocate going back to the pre-900BC borders.

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I only referred to those with a progressive liberal ideology.

Why are you pretending that I made a blanket statement about all Israeli and American Jews?

Don’t worry, Jared will fix this.

Sorry but disagreeing with Israel does not equal hate.

Good news about cutting off funding.

Also, and this is directed at the writer of the article linked to, why bring up the demand for a right of return when it isn’t, at least to my knowledge, getting support from those who want to cut funding?

If any are supporting that demand they seem to be more likely to oppose cutting funding.

Dissolve Israel Now!

The article says the US is slashing $350 million in annual contributions…my question is, what can be shown that the money has accomplished so far? The unrest and violence has been going on for decades. So in that light, what has been accomplished through this huge donation of funds paid for by the generosity and sweat of the American people? Why continue?

$350 million is huge? That’s will likely be less than we have spent on Trump’s golf outings this year…

K…now…why continue? What’s been accomplished thus far?

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$350 million is huge? That’s will likely be less than we have spent on Trump’s golf outings this year…

@Smyrna posed an excellent question. Why not address the question with a thoughtful answer?
What has the money we have contributed accomplished so far?


Excellent point. :+1:

Thank you my friend. I really am hoping to get an informed answer because it appears to be a gesture in goodwill that doesn’t have much of an ROI. If that’s true, why continue? If it’s not, please inform us as to why it isn’t so?

What do you think the aid paid for? Give us the details…