This was very funny...and no matter which side of the political coin you choose

It’s gotta hit home for all of us. We will point the fingers at each other…call out that’s so and so. Or yeAh so and so is just like that.

Rest assured we are all here…and it’s funny as hell.

Opinion Rhapsody


Oh my damn, this is brilliant.
Whole lot facts in this parody

I saw myself and many others. Its meant to say we take ourselves way too seriously here.

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I’m guilty

Yeah brother. I picked this up on Facebook feed from a friend in FLA. She’s got a great sense of humor and this did not disappoint.

Jamerican, we all are…thats the beauty of it. Anyone who doesn’t see themselves here, is probably lying :lying_face:

I am guilty.
which is why I no longer post anything political on FB.
I save that for here.

But i just might post that video on my FB Feed.

That was hilarious.


That was really good. I thoroughly enjoyed.

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