This toilet paper truck traffic jam was in my own county


There are those of us who read and make our own decisions based on the information at hand.

Then, there are those that look to government to tell them what to think and do.

Being “Presidential” doesn’t stop virus spread.


Besides, it takes a certain “filter” to interpret his response as non-presidential.

PS: m’dido’s post didn’t say anything about you. It addressed your response.

Unfortunately my sewer line isn’t at a very steep angle. I have use TP of…less quality.

At where I work, we have no toilet paper, bottled water, or paper towels left on the shelves. Good news is that people are investing in hand soap now!

People are stockpiling everything here. Not much left on the shelves of anything - pasta, soup - you name it.

My employer isn’t rationing things like I thought they would. The last time they put a cap on purchases was Black Friday and the last time they put a cap on purchases outside of Black Friday,it was for these stupid things:

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Lol, who would have thought? A cap on purchases may be necessary at grocery stores if people don’t stop losing their minds.

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Mentally or physically. lol


An idea: break into the houses of people who are hoarding toilet paper, take all of their toilet paper except the last roll, and leave rolls of poison ivy in their place.

Amazon offers me two grocery delivery services, Fresh, and Whole Foods. Fresh is out of delivery windows over the next 3 days, usually I can get it free in 2 hours. Whole Foods has delivery windows open on Tues/Wed. Seems like their bottleneck is drivers instead of supply.

Here ya go;

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traffic jam here, traffic jam there…

where’s the traffic jelly?

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One or the other, huh? I’ve avoided Amazon for groceries, as I’m very picky about bread and like to get the freshest I can. But it may come to using them. Options, at least.

Strangely you can usually get one and the other, but from two seperate 2-hr free delivery windows. But now they’re clearly all jammed up.

In normal times I really like it. My first order I put in for avocados, french bread from the bakery with a note not to slice it, and prime ny strips. My theory was if they can get me the items close to what I’d pick in person I’d keep going. They nailed it. Anytime there has been something I don’t agree with, a polite email explaining why what they chose wasn’t what I would do ends up in a total refund of those items, no matter the item.

Do you generally use Fresh or Whole Foods?

30 years from now.

“Granddad Comet, what did you do in the great 2020 Covid outbreak?”

“Son, I suffered in the trenches of Wal-Mart to secure the most necessary item known to man. Toilet paper. You young kids don’t know the struggle of what my generation had to live through. Men went to work with caked asses son. For weeks on end.”


Even mix at this point. The exact same item can be 50% off from one to another, but it tells you that as you’re looking at it.

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I think that’s exactly it as well.

If this virus infected that many Americans.
over a million would die.

There are over 1,000,000 Americans over 60, in their 80s, and/or with underlying health problems?

Those groups have had the highest incidence of deaths from COVID 19.