This toilet paper truck traffic jam was in my own county


The above truck traffic jam was in the west side of Wyoming County, Pennsylvania, near the Borough of Meshoppen. I live on the far east side of the same county. They were all going to the Procter and Gamble Plant, which, among other things, manufactures Charmin Toilet Paper.

People, I really would suggest cutting back on the Taco Bell tacos with fire sauce. :smile:

Seriously, I have to travel that road from time to time, so lay off the ******* toilet paper. :smile:


It’s almost like they figured out what TP is for.


So happy we’ve all discovered the joys of ass wiping and hand washing. Thank you media generated panic. :roll_eyes:


Do you think all of this could have been curtailed if Trump had stepped up to the plate immediately and talked about the facts instead of his “hunches.”

If the CDC had had testings in place instead of waiting a month to develop their own tests which were faulty.

When influenza claims far more?

Am I going to blame Donald Trump for that, too?

What a crappy day.


I get hand sanitizer shortages, but the toilet paper shortage? Thant’s insane.

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Yes that is odd. The good news is there are still plenty of paper towels and baby wipes available. I wouldn’t recommend most paper towels for the bathroom though. :sob:

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But what does TP has to do with this virus?

Or if you have field septic system.

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I never knew so many people had crusty asses.

That explains why wal mart smells terrible all of the time.


Oh, the joys of the hygienically challenged discovering ass wiping followed by hand washing :roll_eyes:

What newfound joys await next? Brushing and flossing?

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Ran out of TP and paper towels the other day. No shortages here.

I think the mindset is, “if there is a shortage on TP, then someone must know something I don’t so let me go buy as much as I can, too!” Then, they think they’ve done something productive and it helps to reduce anxiety in a situation they feel they have no control over.


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Maybe they’ll even start clipping their nails.

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Have you gone on YouTube and listened to Joe Santogatto (not sure I spelled his last namr right) and his “People of Walmart” rants?

He’s beyond LOL :joy: funny, but I cannot link him here as he’s also pretty foul mouthed.

Damn, you people can’t help it. :roll_eyes:


When society collapses, the man with the toilet paper will be king.


Pavlovian response to a non-political thread. TDS at its finest!

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Instead of posting off topic questions, how about just sticking to the thread topic?