This sounds a lot like bribery

I didn’t say you’ve done anything. But our society has. And we can’t just sweep it under the rug. The generational consequences of the disparities that our country caused for a large segment of our population are still present. Our society will be stronger by implementing the policies that help mitigate those disparities.

And I write quite a large check each year. I’m perfectly ok if it’s a little bit larger if the policy I support gets implemented.

What did we do to farmers? Make fun of their straw hats and overalls?

Nobody is asking you to write a check. The govt would.

And before you reply consider that you have done nothing to Japanese-Americans yet the govt paid them restitution for imprisonment during WWII.

Using the money they collected from you and me. If the whole thing wasn’t a scam and a lie, we would be funding it.

They got screwed by trump in his tarriff tiff w Gyna and he gave them taxpayer money to bail them out.

And your children will pay for it!

Join a club and become an ambassador! It’s happened multiple times.

So you expecting the dems to offer something to Farmers as well?


Was the bailout to farmers bribery?

Sure looks like a payoff to keep them loyal

Nope, you missed I (intersex) and A (asexual).

Well we kinda need to eat. I try to do it every day. So there’s that.

Dammit! I should have just used the whole alphabet. :triumph:

So, do you support me getting “amends” for the way MY people were treated for a very long time. They are primarily on a reservation and mostly living in poverty. Or does your desire to make amends only extend to demographic groups who have a measureable impact on election day? (coincidentally, in favor of Democrats)

There are already plenty of policies to mitigate disparities. What further disparity is mitigated by sending checks to African Americans?

What did we do to farmers?

We subsidized them just enough to barely stay afloat so ConAgra and Monsanto could have cheap food inputs.

Reparations does simply require us to cut people a check. For example, see Warren’s Small Business Equity Fund.

Please document where black people are getting checks for being black, where people are getting check based on their gender identity, or withdraw these wild, insulting and unfounded allegations.

Your time might be more productive if you engaged in the money your local government has collected and then paid out to victims of police abuses, and then never held the cop to task for it. This is much more waste of money and should anger you more, except I suppose since most police abuse is vs minorities it is a good thing in someones eyes.