This simply cannot be allowed to go unchallenged...3million to assasinate the President of the United States? Iranian Politician made this offer to Iranian Parliment Yesterday

You all know I’m no fan of Trumps. This cannot be allowed to go unpunished.

No one makes a threat on any President of the United States…let alone A politician from another Nation?

Agree? Disagree??? Why?

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What do you feel is an appropriate response?

Edit: I am asking because I myself don’t know. Is this a foreign head of state or some no name low level bureaucrat?

Trump should kill Ahmad Hamzeh.

I feel this is symbolic threat…so it should be met with symbolic consequences.

This would end in nuclear attack if it succeeded.

No it wouldn’t.

We aren’t ending the world because our president gets assassinated, get real.

No one is going to kill Trump anyway.

The gates have been opened thanks to Trump’s assassination of Soleimini. Some Iranians sneak into the US from a ship with a couple of drones, and they target the White House or some hall where he’s giving a speech.

Trump’s got to tell the Iranian leadership they’d better condemn that call for assassination, or someone, eventually, is going to try to collect on it - meaning innocents will die if not the President as well.

Not going to happen… Period.

That people consider the elimination of Soleimini as an assassination shows how much control the media have over their minds.


The gates were already open. Terrorist actors are not looking for a reason to cause harm to the United States.

Meh- Iranians have been shouting death to America for decades. This is just a politician trying to earn some extra votes. Of course if an assassination of any American president happened- and could be linked back to the Iranian government- that would be war and an almost endless barrage of missiles fired at military targets in that country. It would be trickier if it was done by some mercenary trying to earn 3 million.

Some folks (not necessarily official Iranians government) has been trying to kill POTUS for years. And some of those have had backing by more that $3 mil.

I’m not particularly concerned that $3M is going to inspire anyone. The nuts have been wishing/trying for years, even before Trump. The non-nuts know that $3M is way insufficient to hide out afterwards if they are successful.

This is what happens when open assassination becomes acceptable.

Exactly- the money wouldn’t matter because the assassin’s life would be forfeit. It would have to be someone on a suicide mission and the “reward money” would likely not play a role.

I agree that this is a reasoned first step.

Somebody watched Angel Has Fallen. Not a real world possibility

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Something else Obama is funding thanks to him funding terrorism.

Do you really think the TrumpCons in this administration have the ability to contain the desire to retaliate if it were to happen? I have no confidence in that at all.

What if it were Bush, back in 2005? what would the response be then?

I’m not worried about anyone killing Trump. The only thing that will probably kill him is those Taco Bowls and McDonald’s cheeseburgers. So I guess you can say Ronald McDonald assasinated Trump.

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We can chalk this up to a lunatic and trust the Secret Service to keep our president safe.