This shows the bias of media

If you look at the headline, it’s designed to get you angry and designed to make you want to do something. Here’s the headline:

Disabled veteran says he’s being wrongfully evicted from Murray apartment

Evicted it says. That means kicked out. Wrongfully so means they shouldn’t be doing it because it’s in violation of something.

Throw in the Disabled Vet part and it’s to get your blood pressure up.

Then you read the article and find out he’s not being evicted. Becuase of his numerous complaints about the property over two years, they gave him 10 months notice they would not renew the lease. Well now a few weeks before the lease ends, he gets a notice saying if he stays, THEN they will start eviction notice as he will be there without a lease.

As a person who manages rental properties. You have the right not to renew any tenants lease. The landlord doesn’t even have to evict. Once the lease agreement period is up. Say June 30 th. The tenant has to leave. If they don’t leave the police can be called to forcefully remove the person as that person now is trespassing.

The only media “bias” in the headline for the story is the word salad enticement designed to catch ones eye in hope one will stop to read the story.

What they want you to do is linger and read the story, no doubt the writers of the piece hope you will read it and be engaged by the piece. But the longer you will be engaged the longer you will be exposed to advertising which fuels revenue.

The headline is a report of what a person said, not a claim about what is actually happening.

Did that person say it?

If so, the article is not misleading.

Kind of small potatoes with some of the headlines that have been out there that make you believe one thing and you only find out the truth if you bother to read the article.
This was obviously something to stir up readers and get them to read something that is actually not a very interesting article. Sometimes I guess lipstick on a pig works.
I’m wonderng why the OP would pick this particular article. Do you know people involved or something?

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Unfortunately, clickbait is a regular part of websites these days. It’s not bias. If anything, it’s bad headlne writing although I’m not sure how I would have written it differently. He did get a notice his lease wouldn’t be renewed, which is technically an eviction notice.

Love these tweets caught by Breitbart of a NYTs reporter. Don’t believe it because its Breitbart? Check it out elsewhere.

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Of course they admit it when they get it wrong, as long as they are called out about it and have no choice.