This segment of the White House show is brought to you by Goya

Looks like the White House is in the advertising business now …

This is illegal too.


Not only is this idiot being a ■■■■■■■ troll, it’s also illegal.


Nah. Nothing’s illegal for the head of the executive branch. They just stop enforcing things and that makes everything a-ok.


The entire family is a troll farm.


On one hand this seems illegal. On the other hand, I have a strange temptation to buy Goya now :confused:

Goya always looks like ■■■■■

Based on what?


I wonder.

You’re claiming Ivanka Trump benefited financially?

I’m sure she just did it out of the good of her heart. :roll_eyes:

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Did she get that can from China?

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: You’re actually claiming Goya paid her for that?

Government ethics laws. Kind of like when Kellyanne told people in her official capacity to go buy Ivanka ■■■■■

Right. Because receiving money is the only possible way she could be in violation of the law. It’s almost like this is why our Presidents don’t normally appoint family members to cabinet positions or something.

She doesn’t have to get paid. Government employees are not allowed to endorse products.


The Goya CEO is a major trump campaign donor.

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No. She didn’t.