This poll should make Trump feel good

Did they have state polling in 2016 ?

Biden will win Wisconsin. I promise.

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Dems are losing support everyday the OBLM/ ANTIFA malarkey continues. It’s repelling to voters not attractive.

What was your 2016 prediction?

This is a reflection of how almost the entire mainstream media is against Trump and yelling it from the rooftops 24/7. Their sheople eat it and regurgibleet it to the point they’re in an emotional frenzy and normal people don’t want to hear it. Can anyone sane…blame them? :sunglasses:

I really don’t know. They don’t actually publish their “poll” anywhere. Realclear and 538 don’t use them. No way to tell.

Yeah, yeah…just like Hillary… Oh…wait… :sunglasses:

Thanks, BBC is actually the first thing I thought of. Was talking with some friends yesterday about unbiased news sources and it’s the first thing that came up.

So it’s likely nonsense. But…what if it isn’t ?

I would recommend the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) as well. There was a poll done in the past couple of years that showed around 90% of Australians trusted the ABC as a news source. The importance of the ABC as a trusted news source was enhanced during our bush fire crises last summer.

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I need to take a trip down there when all of this is over. Been to NZ once, never made it to OZ. Have some family down there i’ve never met.

Unfortunately, a trip here is not going to be possible for a considerable length of time without an effective vaccine.

By the way which part of Australia?

That is what I mean when I said “when all of this is over”. Don’t remember which part , maybe Victoria ?

Understood. We have had a few problems with a spike in COVID-19 new cases primarily in Victoria in the last couple of weeks (279 new cases in Australia in the last 24 hours); so I hope they are okay.

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The BBC is not unbiased. They edit in favour of the globalists.

OK, so do you know any sources that are unbiased ?

And the Illuminati.

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You said that to me last time.

Interesting polling from TX today :cowboy_hat_face:

Texas: Trump vs. Biden CBS News/YouGov Trump 46, Biden 45 Trump +1
Texas: Trump vs. Biden Dallas Morning News Trump 43, Biden 48 Biden +5

ABC,CNN in their polls they just over poll democrats. Joe Biden is a horrible candidate for the democrat party. If the rioting are still happening by august i do think Trump poll numbers could jump higher and it seems in NYC the mayor just gave BLM more rights to protests till Sep. :roll_eyes:

Of course the pollsters poll more Democrats than Republicans. There are over 10 million more Americans that are registered Democrats than Republicans.

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