This One Needs To Hurry Up and Get Gone

Not the biggest death penalty supporter by a long shot. But this freak show needs to go.

And the girl’s—can’t the press give her her name?—other family needs to be charged as accessories to abuse & murder.

Lisa Montgomery (crossed a state line to kill her pregnant friend & rip out her baby) needs to hurry up and get gone, too.

An article on Bourgeois from The Sun U K, it looks like the British are getting just as fed up with this nonsense:

Why are either he or Montgomery still using up oxygen?

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No one deserves the death penalty and president Biden will make sure non happen for the next 4 years.


Did you read the details of this case?

Yes horrific murder.

No one deserves the death penalty.

Take the emotionalism out of it, and it was a simple homicide.

Life without parole and let the perp never see another free day.


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I disagree. Some people, like Alfred Bourgeois, absolutely deserve it. I think the death penalty should be abolished because our justice system is imperfect and killing someone is permanent. But as long as we have it, I have no problem using it in this case.


wrong. some evil needs to die. get it over and done with. They’re lucky its not cruel and unusual punishments.

Lucky we will have an anti-death penalty POTUS for the next 4 years, which is why trump has put to death 9 this year, he knows biden won’t use it.


Unluckily for Alfred Bourgeois, that’ll be about a month too late.

And for the rest of the 9 who have already been executed under the current admin.


Well I and president-elect disagree. Shoulda voted for trump if you wanted to see executions continue.


I’d like to see Biden work toward abolishing federal executions. Will he do that, or will he just not execute anyone?

states can still execute though.

I don’t agree that no one deserves the death.
I use to be pro-death penalty.
But I am not now. Not because no one deserves it (many do) but because I struggle with giving the state the power to use it’s mass resources to put someone to death.

I know it happens it war, but that is country vs country. Not the state deciding to take the life of one of it’s citizens and using it’s power to do it.

And yes, I struggled with Obama drone strikes on US citizens.

Best case, for me, is when someone is killed in prison. (think Jeffery Dahmer)

I’m surprised he’s still alive…that one of other prisoner hadn’t done it.

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Why abolish federal?

Nidal Hassan is still on the row for the murders at Fort Knox.

Bourgeois murdered the little girl on a Naval installation.

Montgomery crossed a state line.

All of these are federal executions.

Government executions at all levels should be abolished.

“Take rhe emotionalism out of it, and it was a simple homicide.”


How many “simple homicides” spend their short lives having the soles of their feet burned with cigarettes & forced to walk on them?

Or being sodomized?

How many of these “simple homicides” were toddlers or otherwise unable to defend themselves?

Maybe it would he better if Alfred Bourgeois were released into the general population. They’d take him out—and not on a date :smiling_imp:


Purely your opinion and many others don’t share it.

I would like to see the death penalty abolished too.

It would take an act of Congress (and to my preference, a full-fledged Constitutional amendment). But we don’t have a Congress capable of that right now. We don’t have the political atmosphere to enact much of anything.

I disagree with the suggestion that nobody “deserves” to die. Some acts are truly that heinous. Yet all the same I disagree with the death penalty – even when someone “deserves” it. Just about the only deliberate taking of another life I can agree with is in matters of self defense, and executing a “deserving” criminal does not fit that bill.

Biden most likely will simply refuse to enact any executions. Superficially, that addresses the immediate executions, but it doesn’t fix the problem.

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I agree with you on that point.

But what Biden CAN do is simply commute every death sentence upon taking office and commute any federal death penalty imposed during his administration. Because of the minimum 15 year lag between sentencing and execution of sentence, that will create a long window during which a Congress might be elected that will abolish the death penalty.