This one is just for giggles..(yes, I'm bored! Lol)

This one is just for fun. We are all in this time of trouble together, so how bout a giggle? :joy::slightly_smiling_face:

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Gone With The Toilet Paper

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Fear and Toilet Paper in Las Vegas


One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Toilet Paper


A Toilet Paper Orange



Maid in Toilet Paper

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Avengers: Infinity Toilet Paper


The Toilet Paper Wears Prada :joy::rofl:

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Dirty Toilet Paper.
No Country for Old Toilet Paper

And my favorite:

Wet Hot American Toilet Paper

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Americas Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper’s Gotta Give

Strictly giggles:

Yesterday I got 12 rolls of toilet paper for my wife. All things considered, I thought it was a very fair trade.

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Soylent Toilet Paper

Good one. On a completely different subject I have a large blank area (except for it being labeled Advertisement) between your post and mine. Do you know if the software blocks all ads or is it something on my end blocking them? I like seeing the blanks versus ads. Thanks

Toilet paper (Divergent)
Toilet paper (Contagion)
Toilet paper (Annabelle)

Fantastic Toilet Paper and Where To Find Them
The Toilet Paper Games
Toilet Paper Out
The Secret Life of Toilet Paper
A Toilet Paper Mind
Toilet Paper Gun
Toilet Paper Nation


Oops my giggle didn’t follow the theme. Sorry.

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Personally I don’t like seeing ads so I take care of those myself.

Thanks. This is the only site that has blank ads.