This may not be what the President wanted to hear today

Could this be true? Senate Republicans seem to be choosing their political careers over serving the presidents best interest.

At this point, it’s almost like Trump lost the Senate too.

We all realize things can change quickly and Republicans in the Senate could vote with the president.

What does everyone think will happen?

Yeah but it will he vetoed…but i wonder if this will have any affect in the courts.

Since when was the job of the Senate to serve at the interest of the President?

Since Trump got elected. Don’t you know he demands Loyalty from all!

only one person get loyalty from all and her name is Lizzie.

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You better fall in lock-step with ms. Warren!

Great news! Looks like McConnell is finally growing a pair.

Not the Elizabeth I was talking about.

Glad to see the Senate is finally developing a spine. It would be nice if this trend would continue - we’ll just have to watch and see.

For now, I’m just glad Congress is pulling back some of the power it should not have given up as a coequal branch.

Not really. McConnell has to put the House bill to a vote in the Senate whether he wants to or not.


Why would you say that? McConnell has not tipped his hand yet.

He faces a dilemma. On the one hand, Trump is delivering the flow of judges that McConnell wants and Mitch is savvy enough to see that if he crosses Trump on this, he could lose their connection.

On the other hand, if McConnell allows the bill to pass by a margin that cannot override a veto, he will be known forever as the Majority Leader who surrendered a substantial amount of Congressional power to the Executive Branch, regardless of whether the courts bail out the Congress on this one.

I keep reading McConnell is also worried about a primary challenge in the next cycle, which is a reason to fall in line behind Trump.

I think it best to judge him after he acts, right now all we can see is his dilemma.

Just to repeat, the Senate is required to vote on the emergency declaration. McConnell doesn’t have a say on whether a vote is taken.

From the link below:

In the Senate, where lawmakers are required to vote on the resolution in the coming weeks, those concerns persisted. Even Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the majority leader and an open supporter of the declaration, declined to offer his opinion on the legal merits.

I think it is already no longer veto proof via the house vote.

And this is really a referendum on all Senators regarding ceding power to the executive, not just Mitch, since he has no control of the vote. The key here was he can’t protect them.

Oh yes, that’s built into the Emergency Powers act.

I was just reflecting on McConnell’s choice about how to vote and whether, if he believes this use of the Emergency Power abrogates the power of Congress, he would organize a veto-proof majority. That would be courageous.

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You’re thinking about this too deeply.

McConnell knows they wouldn’t have the votes to override Trump’s veto, so bringing this to a vote is nothing more than virtue signaling by McConnell. “See, I follow procedure.”

Yup. No skin off McConnell’s nose to let the vote happen. All the hand wringing and speculations are a waste of time.

Trump will veto if Senate passes it. Does anyone doubt that?

McConnell’s not growing a pair.

He only found a pair because Nancy Pelosi handed 'em to him while he was doing everything in his power to be seen looking in every direction he could that involved not looking at a pair.

I stand corrected.

I think there’s a better than even chance that, before the Senate vote, Trump voluntarily ends the National Emergency by “finding” some money elsewhere to build a few dozen miles of wall. If not, and he has to veto the disapproval resolution, he may as well shout, “I defy every member of Congress!” 30 some-odd percent of the electorate will love it, but that won’t get him re-elected in 2020.

Yeah, I don’t think they’ll override it either.