This isn’t going to end well either

What do they say about insanity? Doing the same thing and expecting a different result?

But see this isn’t doing the same thing. Now we have the Orange Tsar leading us!

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Hmm, corporate tax cuts anyone?

There’s also been a shift in how the loans are being used. Some of the debt is being used, as it always has been, to finance expansion or refinance old debt. But more recently, a growing portion of leveraged lending has been used to buy back stock, pay special dividends to private-equity firms cashing out of their investments or to finance richly priced mergers and acquisitions, which are now running at a pace that exceeds the bubbles of 2000 and 2007. In other words, it has been used to reward investors rather than grow the business.

My friend who owns a M&A firm and is a prof of economics at HBS has been warning me about this for awhile now. She told me not to put anything into the market right now (I’m sitting on 6 figures in cash and had asked her what we should do with it.) She pulled everything out of the market about six months ago and told me everyone in the business has pulled out too.

You ever see the movie Margin Call? Great movie

It is doing the Right thing, orange you glad?


Every thing is fine.

At first, I was yellow with fear. Later, I became red with anger. But then I realized when I combined my fear with my anger I got an orange wave!



In today’s NYT:

People tend to look at components of the debt universe separately. Federal debt. Corporate debt. State and municipal debt. Personal debt. But it all makes one shaky house of cards.

As the thread title notes, this isn’t going to end well.

Problem is, as usual, while the GOP is destroying the economy (again) Dems are fighting to gain back power. WHen the Dems finally do get back in power, it’ll be right as the economy finally blows up due to all the GOP recklessness. And of course the simple minded rightie’s…which is MOST of them…will think the economic crash happened overnight and blame it on the Dems because Rush and Sean said so.