This Is Why the People Question the WHO

The WHO has once again changed its stance on asymptomaic Covid 19 transmission.

“The World Health Organization on Tuesday walked back its recent claim (from one day earlier) that asymptomatic spread of COVID-19 is “very rare,” now saying the question is “really complex,” CNBC reported.”

Remember when eggs were bad for you?

And then they weren’t?

Is that supposed to be WHO in the title? You can edit titles.

Yeaj, my bad. Thanks!

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Dude, that’s not the CDC.

fixed it.

Well, at least they clarified.

I can’t keep track of the things “scientists” have said are bad for me that they were wrong about.

It really isn’t that complex. You are infected and you spread it.

The masks I’ve seen are such a joke. I had a lady come into my showroom and her mask was all decked out with sequence, etc. A fashion statement.

As though she is going to wash it? :joy:

movie theater popcorn butter causes tasty popcorn

banned that anyway


It didn’t change its stance.

It let someone speak who shouldn’t be a spokesperson.

Yeah, after we shut the country down.

I’m just glad COVID is no longer an issue. We can do everything now!


As I was watching Mr. Floyd’s funeral today, I couldn’t help but think about all the people who couldn’t attend a loved one’s funeral since February.


The WHO didn’t shut the country down.

Nor did I say they did.

Spoken like an immunologist.

Fair enough. What was your point?

What my point has been all along; you quarantine the sick, not the healthy.

You don’t think Fauci and his NIH and the CDC were listening to WHO?

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Except you can be shedding viruses before showing any symptoms. And I have no idea who Fauci is listening to. He doesn’t email me frequently. But I do listen to Osterholm.

That’s the theory. Asymptomatic transmission was a theory. Contact with every surface was a theory.

Fauci told us.

I’m healthy. And I am not being quarantined.