This is why racism exists. The abbreviated version

Racism is the failure of an individual to use the frontal lobes to to properly control the stress signals from the amygdala when different races interact. And it effects all races. None are immune. The amygdala is hardwired for instincts and emotions as part of our genetic code. Humans have frontal lobes for analytical thought. The frontal lobes operate slowly. taking seconds, minutes or even years to analyze. For tens of millions of years mankind has developed instincts to oppose anyone who is different. One of the best ways to detect a threat is through looks/behaviors/culture. It may take quite some time to deprogram this instinct. Our frontal lobes prevent the vast majority of us from attacking people that we perceive as different. Over time we train our brain to do this. When we have a failure in the frontal lobes to properly analyze people and situations, we have racism.

Before you go after me. I wasn’t smart enough to come up with this. I borrowed it and abbreviated it from somebody who is.

What do you think?

Honestly? It sounds like some lazy-ass racist trying to make excuses for their own ignorance…

The racist: “Stop you’re whining, you were never actually a slave, nor your parents… stop blaming your problems on society and pull yourself up by your bootstraps.”

Also the racist: “You really can’t blame me for thinking like this because man has been conditioned to think this way for thousands of years”.

For whatever it’s worth, a big part of the reason the GOP will never make headway with minority populations on their current path is precisely for promoting ■■■■ like this…


Have you ever been a white person living in a country where you are the minority? I have. And I can assure you racism isn’t something that is only practiced by white people in America. And I seriously doubt the idea in the OP was written by a racist. Do you think racists believe they are racist because they aren’t thinking clearly.

If racism doesn’t come from the brain, where does it come from? Do you have a better theory?

It wasn’t. When liberals are confronted with logic they get angry. As he demonstrated.


Mankind was working together and building a tower to the heavens, and this scared God who scattered mankind to the four winds and changed their language so people couldn’t communicate with each other.

If we could work together, we could accomplish great things. God doesn’t want that.

And thus the Tower of Babel and by extension, racism.

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You speak with forked tongue. :lying_face:
You told me you were athiest. Am I right?

Yep, I’m an atheist.

Doesn’t change the fact that the story of Babel is the story of the creation of racism.


I have not. Do you think I believe racism is only an issue with white Americans? lol.

No, I believe racists believe they are racists because they think they are superior to other races.

Learned behavior

They are not the blank slates we once believed.

The mind.

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Im angry now? lol… OK.

Altair, I’ll just make this simple… seen enough of your posts to understand quite clearly that you and I have a very different understanding of the term logic.

Now, it seems you want to say something about or to me… don’t hide behind a post, I’m not a flagger. Just say it…

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Wouldn’t you say, “human nature”?

Every tribe/race thinks it’s superior to another.

Who created human nature? God.


To prevent mankind from reaching his full potential by working together.

If you’re a devout Christian, that’s the explanation for racism that makes sense.


Wrong topic. This is not the religion forum.

And? Maybe not, though not entirely sure where you’re going with this… but they are certainly impressionable and tend to follow the lead of their parents.

Since you’re not, is that for you to decide? And doesn’t that require me to abandon the good and assume ill intent?

Why would God, who can move wind and change languages, be scared of piss ants building a tower?

And I’ll make it simple. This is not my theory. How did you miss this part?

Before you go after me. I wasn’t smart enough to come up with this. I borrowed it and abbreviated it from somebody who is.

Do you think there could be any validity to the theory? If not, which part of the logic is flawed?