This Is Why Curtis Sliwa Might Actually Win

I saw this ad on TV earlier today. If Curtis Sliwa had more funding I think he could actually win against Adams. Heck, he might win anyway.

Curtis Cares - TV Ad #2

Yeah but he’s done this before in the 70s and 80s or whatever and enough N’Yawkers think he’s a monster to make it impossible.

Not all New Yorkers remember the 70s and 80s. Faked kidnapping aside, he comes across as a candidate that gives a ■■■■■ That’s more than you can say for Adams.

Besides, Sliwa at least lives in the City.

This would have killed Adams right out of the gate just ten years ago.

Worked on Yang lol.

Adams is going to win a ridiculous land slide. It won’t be even close Manhattan remember sliwa for what he always was a grandstander

Personally haven’t been following this. Are the polls really that close?

I haven’t seen any recent polls but I know Adams is a huge favorite in betting but Sliwa has more Google searches.

Don’t be so sure. NYC has a track record of having its flawed candidates elected to office.

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Sliwa recently won the endorsement of the Staten Island Republican Party, the strongest Republican organization in the city’s five boroughs, the New York Post reports.

Great, now I have wipe all that cringe off. :rofl:

What’s more, Curtis has a self-deprecating sense of humor.

After being attacked for having 16 rescue cats in his tiny apartment, in his first TV commercial he sits on a stool with a cat in his lap.

(OK, having that many cats in a small apartment is a bit off, but at least he can laugh about it.)

Curtis with his cat

Just watched the Adams and Sliwa debate. I thought it was well moderated and the questions were fair.

Sliwa was clearly the better debater, his answers were more to the point. Adams seemed nervous. The debate may well move the needle but not nearly enough to give Sliwa the win.

At best, Adams is going to be a so-so mayor.

I’ve been reading through reader comments to NYT articles about the debate and a surprisingly large number of the comments are pro Sliwa. Quite a few self proclaimed Dems are say they prefer Sliwa to Adams.

Adams really did come across as smug and entitled.

If I still lived in the City l would probably vote for Curtis.

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I still associate Sliwa with Guardian Angels and serving community and pro justice.

He’s still associated with the GA and during the debate he wore his red barrette.

For all his faults, and there are a lot of faults, he at least was passionate about his love for the City. Adams, not so much.

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Common trait amongst many politicians.:+1:

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You mean making up crimes?

Sliwa owned up to that during the debate.

Adams deflected when it came to where he lives.

It doesn’t matter where Adams lives. It’s red herring going back to when people actually cared. Silwa is going to get like 10 percent of the vote.

What? People care where the mayor of NYC lives. Why would you think that they don’t?

As for the election, I think Sliwa will get 25% of the vote.