This is why cops...and the law aren't our friends

Apparently the democrat mob of mostly Black soldiers targeted a home that was flying American and Trump Flag in Milwaukee. Trespassed on his property…made threats so the guy grabbed his shotgun and sat next to a window. (Not that smart IMO)

So what did the mob do? They called the police. Yeah the very police they want to defund. And what did the police do? They arrested the guy.

Language warning. The guy on bullhorn told Pete that you don’t want to know what’s pointing at you…

So if the guy is to be taken seriously that they had weapons pointing at Pete home…shouldn’t the police arrested them?

This is reason why I support defunding the police.

Full story here.

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I love it when a good meme comes true.


Mostly Black mob?

Did a filtration system fail?


Is there a news story or something you can share? Some random twitter account ain’t gonna cut it. Or so I’ve been told.

you support defunding police??

grow up

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the military isnt perfect either.


politicians are perfect though. dont ever defund then

; )

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You can’t make this ■■■■ up.

Stupid should be painful!


well it’s obvious

they weren’t defunded enough!


Wow, that’s a really messed up twitter account. Really is one of the reasons I no longer go on twitter.

You should always go Ngo.


Keep the Army, we’ll still be at 99% strength. :wink:


as far as im concerned, with tactical nukes and other gens in the arsenal, funding could be be way reduced

Yes…I support defunding the police and strengthen laws that allow we the people to defend life, liberty, property etc.

This is prime example how the police gets used to go after gun owners.

Meanwhile if the guy on bullhorn was saying you don’t want to know what’s all pointing at you…that tells me they had weapons too.


cops dont go after gun owners conan

this is one of the “one offs” in the ree-tard media.

Yes they do. Take the guy in New Jersey for example. Old school teacher bought this mid 1700 flintlock pistol. Cops pulled him over for something else and asked if he had any weapons in his vehicle…he told him about the flintlock he just bought. That cop let him go with his relic.

Next day 5 patrol cars shown up as his house to arrest him and take his gun away from him. The man was in his 70’s. 5 police cars.


Because prosecutor told em to go get his ass…and cops did. They will do what they are told by over zealous lib prosecutor.

Edit to add. The prosecutor was going after him…even threaten him to something like 10 years in prison for crossing state line.

Chris Christie to his credit pardon him if my memory serves me correct.

this is not widespread, or the norm

by and large cops deal with things appropriately.

cops arent the bad guys here

leftist thug ■■■■■■■■ are

thug thug thugs

“Pete” did that all wrong. He should of:

  1. Turned off the lights in his house. And never EVER brandish a weapon at a mob unless you intend on pulling the trigger! These people are ■■■■■■■■ but clearly they know the law.
  2. Called the police to inform them of the mob trespassing on his property and making threats against his person.
  3. Informed the police he is armed , in fear for his life and is prepared to shoot in self defense because he can retreat no further.
    If the cops don’t show wait it out in the dark. They’ll eventually leave; beats catching a charge. If they storm the house, break in or try to burn you out? All bets are off keep shooting until you run out of ammo. Judged by 12 rather than carried by 8! :sunglasses:

Sorry…as long as we have authoritarians controlling our police…they are a threat to our 2nd Amendment rights.

Here is story of old man and his Flintlock.