This is what peaceful protest looks like

Thousands of people coming out to protest against libs and their policies.

No cars or building set on fire…no rocks and bricks were thrown, no looting, no riots and no one got hurt.

A peaceful protest should be.


That is what a political rally looks like.

Shouldn’t look like that though in a pandemic.


No…it’s protest against left-wing authoritarians.

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It’s a political rally.

The President was being negligent in the safety of the people gathering there since he has known since February how deadly Covid actually is.


Well what do you expect? Showing concern for his supporters would require having concern for his supporters.


Actually -this is what it looks like in every definition of the word.
but you all flipped out at that as well.


It was a protest against left-wing authoritarianism.

It’s a political rally.

It is also potentially putting a bunch of people’s lives at risk on the President’s behalf.

He has known since February how deadly Covid actually is and calling for crowds of people to gather on his behalf is being negligent.

This is left-wing political rally.

That is not a political rally.

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It sure as hell is.


They are not gathering to hear a politician speak.

President Trump called for large groups of people to gather on his behalf to hear him speak knowing full well since February how deadly Covid is.

That is negligence on his part. He is putting their lives at risk.


Here is another left-wing political rally.

Here is another peaceful protest.

That one I will agree with.

That isn’t a protest. Sorry.

And here is left-wing protestors as they harass people dining.

Libs don’t get to say what protest is.

By those rules this is a right wing political Rally


Yes…you could say that. See any building on fire? Cars burning? Rocks thrown?