This is what our President tweets on 9/11

What a disgrace.


Never forget… the hate. :wink:

He is the ME ME ME Liar in Chief, so that Tweet, it doesn’t surprise.


But no surprises!

Not only that, here’s what he thinks an appropriate 9/11 memorial looks like:



I knew libs would be attacking the President today of all days. We will never forget how unfair they were to him.

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He also tweeted a 9/11 message of never forgetting. The OP seems to have neglected to include that. :roll_eyes:


Almost everything I have learned about political hatred I learned from the RIGHT and most of that I learned since February 14th 2007.

They can’t drop the hate even for a day it seems.


Today is a day for libs to remember how much they hate Orange Man. Let us give them a moment of silence so we can count the tears impacting the floor.


Good idea. Let it begin now…

You mean the PHOTO OP tweet of him and his trophy wife at center stage of the never forget message?

That one?

The one where it was still all about him.


As if the photo op tweet negates the OP’s highlighted tweet.



Ok my moment of silence while the tears of the left fell is over. :+1:

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Mine never started. I kept laughing at them. :man_shrugging:

I have never hated “orange man”, not even when he declared me his enemy.

I hate and loathe the fact he is my president.

I do that with every cell and sinew and essence of my body.

But I don’t hate Obese Donald, I just want him to go away, but until he does, I will express my disgust for the things he does, the things he says, the lies he tells, the hurt he causes our nation.

That is my Constitutional right to do so.


I gave them their moment. NOW i’m laughing too. :rofl:

He hasn’t. It eats at his fragile psyche everyday.

Sure thing, buddy. lol

In hind sight…the president gave a good speech today. He hit on all the right stuff.

I missed the speech. I bet it was good though! :+1:

I think this is a nice and appropriate photo.