This is what indoctrination looks like

How so and by who??? :thinking:

That’s the only reason I post here … to make you laugh.

How about a big atta boy. :wink:

Atta Boy!

Well, there’s people who believe science is indoctrination. Evolution by natural selection for example. Why not relativity? Both are well accepted theories.

You are confusing verbs with nouns.

Creation is taught uncritically in Christian schools. As I’ve stated before, religious indoctrination in religious schools is a given. But parents can choose to send a child to a religious school or not.

Teaching science, math, etc. is what schools are supposed to be teaching. By the time a student receives those studies they are at an age where they can look at the subject matter critically. You are just being silly with your rhetorical question, as the topic isn’t remotely similar to political indoctrination regarding a controversial subject matter.

I’m not Catholic, will my particles travel faster?

This is what indoctrination looks like to me.

…Wednesday’s “Take Back Virginia Rally” in Richmond, where attendees pledged allegiance to a flag that organizers said was present at the riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

I’ll give credit to Youngkin for denouncing it.

Week 7 tomorrow? Any word?

I was just looking into that. I’m giving a presentation on time travel next week. Let me know if I should introduce religion into that presentation, and if so, how?