This is what Americans see

New Shanghai over the last 20 years.

Detroit over the same time period.

This is what Americas sees.

Hooray for state controlled capitalism…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’m confused about what I’m supposed to be seeing here. Is it like “Magic Eye” or more like “Where’s Waldo”?

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What’s your point?

The first picture is what New Shanghai looks like. The 2nd is what their governments put out in the media to make people think their city really looks like.

It would be helpful if the op wrote a premise to this posts instead of making people guess.

Visitors who arrive in Detroit expecting an apocalyptic landscape will be surprised by what they find. After years of population decline and hitting rock bottom with the declaration of bankruptcy in 2013, Detroit is now in the black. The once desolate downtown is packed with pedestrians, pedal taverns have hit the streets and cranes punctuate the skyline: more than $24 billion has been invested in commercial, retail and residential projects since 2006.

I’m still confused. Maybe if I bring it really close…

You do realize that all of the building that China has done has ballooned their national debt.

Actually I was in Detroit for 4 days last fall and was pleasantly surprised with downtown. It’s accessible. Not chokingly busy. It’s nice to walk around with a lot of places to explore. I was expecting far worse based on the reputation. Sure I saw some run down places. But I also saw some pretty cool stuff. And dinner in Grosse Point was pretty nice too.

this time 100x
i had a 30+ hour layover in Detroit because of maintenance issue, i was fully expecting a Robocop world and instead it was in the middle of a car show and i found the best Kleftiko from a small greek restaurant i have ever had

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Around 400 million Chinese people–more than the entire population of the US–live on under four dollars a day. What Americans see? I don’t think those hundreds of millions of Chinese will see those skyscrapers. But are you really trying to make some kind of argument re: authoritarian state capitalism?

or the 1.3 million forced relocated people to make way for the 3 gorges dam

Meanwhile prime restate in St Louis water front is lined up with empty old factories with smashed out windows.

This is what globalism gave us.

That is what Americans sees.

You libs still don’t “get it” do you?

I told you all and posted similiar thing about this 8/9 years ago. And you wonder why rise of Trump happen.

I see you libs are still ignoring reality.

To bring state controlled capitalism? I guess it could happen given Trumps tendencies :thinking:

Keep spouting your hatred libs.

Meanwhile you’re going to lose this midterm election.

Too funny.

You don’t think cities remake themselves continuously?

You’re like the guy whining that we don’t still have buggy and horsewhip manufacturers.

Then what are worried about? We gonna look like China in no time…hooray! :joy::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Nah. It’s easy. Conan is a protectionist. His plan would be to create an onerous financial wall around the US making it a huge burden for companies to manufacture outside the US and bring goods back in. Of course that would make the price of a significant number of goods in the US skyrocket but he doesn’t really care about that.

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Do you realize that economic globalism is about getting government out the way. It’s about promoting the freedom to innovate, trade, and associate freely with others.