This is the TTT for TDS

Aka Trump troll threads. Here lies the trolling threads of the Trump haters who’ve nothing better to do than trot out obscure fake news accounts defaming Trump. If inclined to do so, consider your thread being moved here a badge of honor. Let your TDS show.


They think it’s a trap. They think they can shame anyone who boos and use as ammo as anyone against fat donald is against Vets for their “lack of respect,” etc etc. More incitement. The calculation to lead the parade isn’t out of fat donald’s respect for any vet.

Has any other recent President led the parade? I can’t think of any…

Trump is just making Veterans Day great again. For too long the day has failed to properly respect the most important person in the Armed Forces: the commander in chief.


I can’t remember what the regulations are, but I’m pretty sure he’s allowed to wear his uniform from Personal Vietnam for a civic event.


As commander and chief, Trump has sacrificed far more than any veteran, he should be shown respect.


Can you imagine how dangerous this is? Is he going to walk, or ride in the bulletproof car? The latter, I hope.

I wonder how much time the Secret Service had to prep for this.

Bulletproof AND soundproof. It would be too dangerous to his ego if he is booed at this event

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Leisure suit and a martini glass?

Donald would have made a fantastic soldier. Probably better than Sgt. York. Many, many people have said.


Then we’ll need signs.

He WANTS to get booed at the event. That’s the whole point. To generate outrage about libz. Not respecting the troops.

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Trump just cares for the Veterans, that’s all.

Instead of celebrating the veterans on this day, fat donald will make it all about himself.
It’s always me, me, me.

I sense a campaign ad and photo ops…


That photo is always good for a shudder. Imagine posing for that?

Is he going to walk? I worry if his heart can do that.