This is supposed to be a right wing conspiracy sight

It’s not a conspiracy…if I find something on the internet I like.

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American seem really worried about wearing masks, the rest of the world no so much.

Yes, I do.

I have my own regimen of vitamins that I take. I can’t speak for anyone else.

compare the rest of the world to the UN and then the US to the UN.

I don’t really mind wearing a mask. But no, it is not “settled” like some like to say. The Netherlands does not require these paper and cloth masks because they say there is insufficient evidence that they do anything positive. Also, it may give people a false sense of security and harm the use of social distancing.

America has 4% of the world population
and 20% of COVID cases.

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We’re #1 in a lot of things! It’s how we roll.

I’m definitely going to need to see your explanation on this, as it flies in the face of the basic physics concerning negative pressure when inhaling through a mask. Fog is not indicative that a fit tested mask is not properly filtering, at all.

She is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor. NMD

The original famous Naturopath was Jethro Kloss the great herbalist which most all medicine owes a major debt to.

Kloss opposed the other main school the Homeopathic, which theorized using toxins to increase immunity.

Until very recently the medical establishment emphasized that masks have very limited effectiveness.

Just a wish. “This is supposed to be a right wing conspiracy sight(sic)”
That really doesn’t tell us that this has anything to do with masks.
That is the sort of things that often caused multiple threads on the same subject.
Just saying…not trying to be mean.

And have done far more testing. By far.

So she’s not an actual doctor.

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I couldn’t do that every day. Hell, I can’t handle a shirt tie everyday. +1 for you.

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Her and the demon sperm doctor should join forces.


Good for you.
the rest of the world is feeling sorry for you as you fail your way though this.

It’s very uncomfortable, but it’s easier to overcome when you see how scared some of these people are.


I wish this all could have happened last year, when I was getting my dental implants and hated the temps so I just went hockey-faced.

Now, I have to hide this grin when I’m most ready to flash it. It’s really a loss for the world.

How soon til the argument gets mikovitsed?

I’m a bit perplexed as to why there hasn’t been more talk about proactive health defenses like this.

It would have been nice to have a Surgeon General or someone else come out and heavily promote a general health betterment routine on top of this pandemic. I know we’re not going to cure diabetes over night but it seems like with everyone focused on health, a missed opportunity.