This is supposed to be a right wing conspiracy sight

But I noticed they sited all their sources. So I will post it anyway. The conclusion is that science does not support wearing a mask. However the people that say follow the science certainly have studies to show masks work. So this conspiracy stuff should be easy to refute.

I don’t know about a conspiracy site, but a quick Google shows the author to be a naturopathic cancer quack.


Masks don’t work? News to me. I wear one when dealing with covid 19 patients, as does everyone else in my hospital.


Yeah but this Not A Doctor wrote something.

You contracted Covid.

Before I started working there, when there were no masks available, hand sanitizer and disinfectants, and from a roommate that was sick and hid it from the rest of us.

One of those “10 cures THEY don’t want you to know about” people?

Yeah. If any one knows about Britt Hermes and her getting sued by this quack they would never listen to the quack.


thIs OnE wEirD TriCk


certainly then you have access to double blind studies that show they work.

can you share one?

all the studies were cited.

Back up a second. You posted quackery from a quack. Lets talk about that first.

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Quack quack quack.

Seriously, at this stage in a pandemic, and there are still Mask Truthers out there.

Yeah, this country is completely soft and decadent.


do you think you might ever address the conclusions and not the source. Certainly you can refute the conclusions with science.

do you know of a study on masks? if so then post it.

if not the quack referenced 20 of them.

Wow, 20? I stand corrected.

Nope, still quackery from a quack.

Here’s a start. Just like common sense would dictate, mask wearing prevents transmission and infection. It’s not definitive but it’s getting there, which means we have to treat the quack who’s not a doctor equally.

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A link was just posted, but I’d like to explore this further.
Would you suggest myself and my co-workers would be safer not wearing a mask than wearing one?

Yeah that’s because medical professionals wear masks for almost all procedures so do dentists and dental hygienists :roll_eyes:

most interesting your reliable source presents only conclusions but no evidence, but the quack provides evidence.