This is serious now, Bloomberg canceled everything to preparing for Tuesday’s debate

Not only is Bloomberg preparing for debates he’s going to spend whatever it takes to do opposition research across multiple platforms.

You Bernie pros are going down if little Napoleon gets his way.

Ironically those two are made for each other…two peas in a pod. Both are authoritarians, both wants to use power of state to impose themselves onto society.

Either way Bernie…you’re going down. You have entire establishment coming after you. Oh cozening up to Castro isn’t going to save you…he’s dead.

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Bloomberg is going to feel the Bern!

It’s like each candidate is a kamikaze pilot…whose mission is taking down the USS Democrat. :sunglasses:

I wish I could airdrop some weapons for em…

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“He’s winning, get 'im!”



It will be real hoot tomorrow night if little Napoleon goes after Bernie for “some” of his earlier writings live on national television.

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They’re all fascist totalitarian kommanysts. It certainly seems the best thing for Donald and therefore America is to let these fasicst totalitarian kommanysts eat one another alive.

Something tells me…he’ll be cookin up a special feces sandwich for Pochontas too. :sunglasses:

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Daaaaannnnngggg…getting a little chafed, aren’t we?

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True…will see what kind of grudge Bloomberg holds.

They’ve been trying the sarcastic fails for a couple of weeks now. You can clearly see how new they are at this. :wink:


I’m going to provide the seasonings…salt anyone? :wink:

What else does Bloomberg have to do with his time? Swim in his vault of gold coins? Stroke his cat and snicker maniacally?

We can either go with Scrooge McDuck or we can go with Dr. Claw, but we can’t do both.


I was thinking an elderly, even-more-out-of-touch Dr. Evil. But Dr. Claw works too.

Bloomberg might have won if he would have just pumped 2 billion in the race and stayed off the debate stage. Now they have him doing the liberal walk of shame and having to produce non disclosure agreements. He would have been better off looking at Elizabeth Warren and saying “What tribe are you from again”?


Everyone should be chafed at the vwey thought of fascist totalitarian kommanysm. Why aren’t you?

This would work in the GOP, who tend to grunt in approval with the sick burns, a real time equivalent to the dank memes they get their news from.


Why not?


He could only improve on his last performance.

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